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Is This Man Racist Or Just Illiterate? (Archive a1)

8 Apr

April 8, 2013

milk 2Allan Keyes has the week off. He’s out-of-town, yelling at puppies or scowling at sunsets. Meanwhile, I’m going to kick off a week of bmj2k Antiquities, things that I collected from the pre-Mr. Blog 1990’s. They are yellowed and old, all clipped out of New York newspapers. But despite their age, they show that one thing is true: Donald Trump is always a good target for mockery. He’ll be coming up later in the week.

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This one dates back to 1992, when David Duke was running for President. In this archive photo, we see one of Duke’s supporters holding up sign. Is it a campaign sign? I’m not sure.

Racist or Illiterate

The caption reads “Dejected Dukedom: Billy Majors of Port Allen, La, hoists his bigoted message ar loser’s post-election bash in Baton Rouge Saturday.”

Now don’t get me wrong- David Duke was an out-and-out racist. He was Grand Poobah of the KKK and if that isn’t enough proof for you, ask him yourself. He’ll tell you exactly why he’s a racist. Does that mean that Billy Majors, David Duke supporter, is a racists? I am sure that it logically follows, but logic has little to do with David Duke so yeah, calling this guy a racist is not much of a stretch. But is he really? While there may be no empirical proof of his racism, we have plenty of proof of his stupidity: his sign.

I voted for “D” wite man not “D” wong man

Huh? Does he mean he voted for the “white” man? So what would “wong” man mean? I think the easy answer is that it means “wrong” man. So he voted for the white man, not the wrong man?

What if instead of “white” he meant “right”? That would man his sign “I voted for the right man not the wrong man.” Makes a little more sense.

If his opponent was named Wong it would be really nice.

Of course, he really could mean “I voted for the white man, not the wong man,” which may or may not be his try at a pun or a rhyme of some sort.

So is this guy racist? Maybe. Is he illiterate? Very likely.
But the odds are this guy is both.

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