I Got Nuthin’

28 Feb

February 28, 2013

Gotta tell ya, I got nuthin’. Sure, the Imponderable is set and ready to go, and for Saturday I have- for the first time ever!- a Treasure Chest of Terrible Toys/Saturday Comics crossover. It even has a crossover logo!

But tonight? The tank is dry. Sorry, I got nothin. I got ugatz.

And where do I get my ugatz? From Carlo’s House of Ugatz, purveyors of fine ugatz since 1973.


Don’t get your ugatz just anywhere, make sure you ask for Carlo’s House of Ugatz. Other ugatz stores can’t compete with Carlo’s prices and selection. Buy only the best ugatz… Carlo’s Ugatz.


Five Fabulous Locations!

Five Fabulous Locations!

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