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“Great Shades of Satan!”

7 Feb

February 7, 2013

“Great Shades of Satan!” I exclaimed. I totally forgot that I planned to work that into every post this week and if there ever a post easy to work it into, it was yesterday’s post about Dracula.

On the other hand, this post may have been even easier since it is the very first line. But I digress.

Blogslinging (bonus points if you remember my attempts to make that a household word) isn’t such an easy thing. In fact is can be downright difficult. For example, I have nothing to blog about today. Nothing at all. I have had every single day of this week planned out for weeks but this particular day has been a blank for a while now. Tomorrow’s blog? Check. Saturday? Check. I even have next week’s Terrible Toy ready to go. I won’t give it away, but it involves Superman and his quest for a cup of tea and nice nap.

So how shall I fill this place today?

With song!

Courtesy of South Park, here is a touching moment with Satan, in a sad, contemplative mood:

And more bonus points: Where did the expression “Great shades of Satan” come from? HINT: You can find the answer in a really old blog on this very site.

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