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Imponderable #82: Morristown New Jersey

22 Feb

February 22, 2013


Am I the only one who thinks the owner was planning to steal the cash but Harris beat him to it? (I know he owned the store, but loose cash like that in the desk? That cash was somehow going to avoid the normal accounting procedures for that store and not turn up on the store’s books.)

What was it doing bundled in an unlocked drawer in his office, along with blank name tags, rubber bands, and half a tuna fish sandwich? I’ve worked a few different jobs in my time, and other than when my family ran a booth in a flea market, every place of business kept cash in a safe.

However, when we ran the flea market, we used to keep about $10 worth of cash, mostly in coins or dollar bills, in a small box on a shelf just so we could make change. Although the box was not secured, the booth itself was securely (we thought) locked up tight at night. Turns out someone broke into our booth and stole the box one night. It was an inside job, too, done by a security guard. The sad part was he knew that there was just ten dollars there but he still risked- and lost- his job over it.

At least Tyrone Harris made a nice profit.

Why was $2,136 sitting loose in the owners desk?

The question is Imponderable.

Want to see a piece of memorabilia from my old flea market days? Check this out.


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