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Sneak Peek Plus! 2/17/13

17 Feb

February 17, 2013



Last Week’s Highlights

Last week I debuted Mr. Blog’s Tepid YouTube channel. From a dusty old videotape, I uploaded a very funny/pathetic video of Ed Koch, from his days as judge of The People’s Court. He presided over the case of a pair of backyard wrestlers, one of whom Ed Koch says needs a psychiatrist. The video is long but it is worth your time. See it here. Click this very link!

Also this week, In fact just yesterday, the Treasure Chest of Terrible Toys featured Superman’s Justice Jogger. This one went over big with the bad toy crowd. You can click right here to see it.

I also explored the romantic link between Gargantuas, Devo, and the Scooby Gang. Click here to go back to Tuesday’s post.

Coming This Week:

Youtube is a wonderful, wonderful, pain in the ass. Uploading my Ed Koch video was a nightmare and the upshot is that the In Search Of… scheduled for last week will now run this week. This is a good one. We search for Satan. and we find him, too.

About The Image

Those are not familiar TV detectives Starsky and Hutch, Ironside, Columbo, McCloud, Baretta, et al. Those are their cheesy TV movie counterparts from the great Murder Can Hurt You. Do yourself a favor and look it up.


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