The Saturday Comics: Bozo The Robot

5 Nov

November 5, 2011

Yes, you read that right. Bozo the Robot.

I stumbled upon this when I was searching for Bozo the Clown. This is way better but if you want Bozo the Clown he’ll come up sometime in the near future. I have a very slight family connection to him, more a seven degrees of Bozo thing, not a direct link, but you’ll read it in a week or two.

Never having heard of Bozo the Robot before, I’ll let wikipedia explain it. I’m sure whoever wrote the entry knows as little as I do but since wiki is public domain no one will scream when I lift it. (Man I hope this information is accurate.) And blame any poor writing on them.

Hugh Hazzard and his Robot, Bozo the Robot (AKA Bozo the Iron Man) was a fictional character featured in issues 1-42 of the Smash Comics comic book from Quality Comics. Hugh Hazzard’s adventures were written and crudely drawn by Quality Comics editor George Brenner. Bozo was featured on the cover of issue #1, the first robot cover of a comic book.

In the first installment, the origin story, Hugh Hazzard is a suit and fedora clad man with connections to a large city police department. He is involved in the investigation of crimes committed by a mysterious robot. Hugh manages to temporarily deactivate the robot, and climbs inside its hollow chest to hitch a ride to the robot’s home base, which turns out to be the laboratory of an evil scientist, who dies in the ensuing battle. The robot is again deactivated, and placed on a garbage scow for disposal at sea, but Hugh Hazzard has ideas of using the robot as a crime-fighting tool. He saves the robot from its watery fate, then names the robot Bozo.

In the next installment, Hazzard is shown examining the robot’s blueprints, and stating that the robot can be modified to fly. The modified robot, shown flying with a spinning propeller on its head, is again used to foil a crime. Flying would be a part of all subsequent appearances.

Hugh Hazzard has a walkie-talkie-like radio that he uses to vocally summon Bozo the Robot, who is sometimes shown standing in a grove of trees when he receives his radio summons. In later stories, Hugh Hazzard would have adventures riding inside the robot, with his voice emanating from the mute robot’s grinning mouth. The robot is shown as human-size in these stories, as if it were a suit of armor. This depiction of the character resembles the Marvel Comics Iron Man character that would debut 24 years later, and anticipates the emergence of the Mecha genre in Japanese manga and anime.

1939 was the year of the New York World’s Fair, which featured Westinghouse’s Elektro robot. This was the major event of the year in New York, and it is likely that George Brenner and most other people involved in New York based comic book industry attended the event. Elektro was well remembered by fair attendees, and could have inspired Brenner to make a robot the star of a comic book feature. Bozo even shares a design element with Electro, a round glass porthole on the chest, which exposes internal circuitry.

That year also saw the release of the movie serial The Phantom Creeps, in which Bela Lugosi portrays an evil scientist that uses a robot and other fantastic scientific devices to take revenge on the world for his wife’s death. An earlier serial, 1935’s science fiction western The Phantom Empire, contained a sequence in which two comedic gangsters wear the shells of deactivated robots to infiltrate a futuristic city. These two serial films contain the story elements of the first Hugh Hazard adventure.

That is totally cool. Here and now, enjoy Hugh Hazzard (OK, even for 1940’s era comics that’s bad) and Bozo the Robot!

Please click on each image to enlarge.

And if you comment, please let me know if you prefer a gallery like this, a slideshow, or my usual method which is just posting everything one atop the other.


9 Responses to “The Saturday Comics: Bozo The Robot”

  1. Mac of BIOnighT November 5, 2011 at 12:57 am #

    Hey, this really is cool!! 🙂 I wish I had the original comic books, must be very rare, too. I do not think it was the inspiration for iron man, though, they do not look alike at all and the concept is totally different (one is a robot, the other an armor), nor do I see any influence on Japanese mecha (which is about giant robots anyway). I’d just say it’s out of the collective imagination of that period and that’s where it stayed, but that doesn’t make it less cool – quite the opposite, in fact! 🙂 Great find!!

    (oh, not sure about the reason, but I vote for your usual method)


    • bmj2k November 5, 2011 at 12:59 am #

      I think that’s the way most people would like the pics to be presented but it is a drop more work. At any rate, I just finished next week’s Sat Com (about the other Bozo, the clown) and did it the old way.

      I agree that the influence of that comic is overstated.


  2. Thomas Stazyk November 5, 2011 at 1:26 am #

    Great stuff–thanks! Love the propeller device. If I were a kid in the 40s I would have saved my pennies to buy the next installment.

    BTW, totally unrelated, I thought you would enjoy this video–only for the Gojira clips!


    • bmj2k November 6, 2011 at 1:10 am #

      I love that video. I’d head Dread Zeppelin before but this video has so much good going for it that I don’t know where to start, including the black bar over Rodan’s eyes for what seem to be legal reasons. One day when I need an idea this is a blog post by itself.


      • Thomas Stazyk November 6, 2011 at 3:39 pm #

        Glad you enjoyed it–the black bar over Rodan’s eyes was truly effective because I didn’t recognize him–I thought it was Godzilla from a funny angle.

        Do you think Dread Zeppelin might be Xilien agents?


        • bmj2k November 6, 2011 at 5:27 pm #

          I read the comments on that video’s youtube page and it sounds like Tojo guards Godzilla better than top secret and goes after anyone who tries to use a clip from their films.


  3. Ivory November 15, 2011 at 2:05 am #

    This is a excellent site.


    • Mac of BIOnighT November 15, 2011 at 8:18 pm #

      Which one, the one with the scans or this blog? This blog certainly is 🙂


  4. The Hook November 22, 2011 at 6:37 pm #

    Youi find the coolest stuff to share! Good for you!


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