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Imponderable #15: Spring Hill Tennessee

2 Sep

September 2, 2011

This Imponderable touches upon the condition of Attention Deficit Disorder, ADD. The condition itself is somewhat imponderable. While it has died down, a strong debate rages about treatment, and in fact if it even exists. In short, ADD is characterized by an inability to focus and a lack of the ability to pay attention. It has an element of impulsiveness and lack of inhibition. One thing is certain: many times it is diagnosed in children incorrectly. In fact, the number of children taking ADD and ADHD medication is alarmingly high and in many cases unnecessary. Speaking as one with some degree of training in recognizing (not treating, not diagnosing, I am not a doctor) I know that there is a big problem of ADD being diagnosed based on behavior in school, without taking into account that kids get bored in school and fidget. Lock a kid in a school all day and they get bored and attention wanders. That is not ADD. Most kids do not need to be medicated. They need to be motivated. I point all this out as background since ADD is the poor (and as you’ll see, irrelevant) excuse given at the end of this story.

This man’s ADD manifests in an “inability to resist certain sexual impulses.” Perhaps that is true. Just for now, let’s give him the benefit of the doubt on that point.

An “impulse” is a sudden urge. For example, stores place attractive items near the checkout counter so you’ll grab one as an impulse buy. Impulses are not planned. They are by their very nature unpredictable.

So why was this man prepared with a doll with holes cut out?

Obviously he was planning on performing the sex act. He was ready. He prepared ahead of time. He had the doll with him. He cut holes in the doll. Furthermore, he said “I wouldn’t be there if I knew it was school property.” That implies that he can control when and where he gives in to the impulses. He has a level of control.

I do not buy his ADD excuse.

Why would a man decide to have sex with a doll under a bridge?

The question is Imponderable.

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