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Third Eye Blinded.

11 Feb

February 11, 2011

Remember my recent post about the guy who had an ear grafted to his arm? Not to be outdone, here is a story about a guy who had a camera implanted in the back of his head. It turns out that this surgery didn’t work out so well. His body rejected the camera and this attempt at do-it-yourself bionics had to be removed. It just goes to show that while this guy’s brain is stupid as mush, mother nature is still watching over him. Me? I say leave the thing in and let Darwinism take its course.

From the Department of Couldn’t He Just Stick A Camera On His Hat?:

Obviously he has room for a camera in his head because his brain is three sizes too small. I just wonder how much government funding we give him, because I demand a refund.

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