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Your Pet Loves Dressing Up Like a Harem Girl… or is it just something you like your dog to do?

29 Oct

October 29, 2010

Halloween is upon us. Kids dress up for trick or treat, adults dress up for parties, animals dress up for, what? Animals don’t dress up. Weird animal owners dress them up. Now don’t get me wrong, sometimes it really is cute to dress up your pet for Halloween or a funny picture. But the animal has to look good. Here is a selection of pictures I found online of costumes available for your pet. Do any of them look cute? Do any of them look like they are enjoying it? And who is the pervert dressing his dog up like a harem girl? Seriously, that dude needs counseling.  Here is a selection of poor animal Halloween costumes.


First up is Dogula, the vampire dog. Look at those friendly eyes, that tongue waiting to lick you, that… hairpiece? Yeah, this screams “vampire.” This must be the only vampire/dog without fangs.


Next, this seems to be the same dog dressed up as a sleepy fire chief. How nice. I wonder if the cape is flame-retardant? The best part of the suit for me is the axe, which that dog is totally unable to reach.


Here we have a doggy pirate. How do we know he’s a pirate? I am not sure. I may have seen the same outfit listed as “leather fetish dog” and “bone smuggler.” And what is up with that dog’s tongue? Worse, who thought it would make a good picture? Gene Simmons?


I have not ignored the cat lovers in the audience. Here is a costume called “the Queen.” Note to pet owners- at least try to make the costume fit the pet’s personality. Is that your idea of a queen? I think she’s planning to claw the jugular of  whoever stuck that silly crown on her head.

And here she is, the Harem Dog. Look at that come-hither glance, the see-through genie pants, and oh how fluffy is she! I am sorry guys, this is just wrong on so many levels.

And yet, that isn’t the worst.


That’s the worst.

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