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Late Night Movie House of Crap 2fer: Ed Wood and It Came From Hollywood

16 Oct

October 16, 2010

Hello there crappy movie fans! This time around, Mr. Blog is proud to kill two birds with one stone. Now, imagine that the stone is really just a wadded up piece of paper and the birds are flimsy cardboard cutouts. That’s right gang- we’re talking Ed Wood today.

I figured the best way to show the sublime genius of Ed Wood is the way he’d do it himself-  using stock footage.

From the movie that is a classic in its own right, I bring you John Candy with  A Salute to Ed Wood from It Came from Hollywood!


For a bonus, here’s Gilda Radner with Apes!

And lastly, some really bad Musical Memories! (I am a huge Chip and Emil fan.)

And for those of you complaining that I promised Konga and Gorgo, yeah yeah yeah, I’m getting to it.

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