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Air Traffic Antics

4 Mar

March 4, 2010

In the news today, a man was arrested for bringing his two seven year old kids to work and letting them help out.

He was a bouncer at a strip club and he let the kids put on the dancer’s pasties.

NO, no, he was an air traffic controller and he let the kids give directions to the pilots over the radio.

Yes, that’s true, and the true story is actually more unbelievable than the strip club story. He let them into the air traffic control tower, let them direct the pilots, let them roam around, getting ice cream on the instruments, fiddling around with the vectors, directing Hawaiian flights into volcanoes, etc.

But seriously, this is a true story and the kids really were in the tower and really did talk to the pilots.

The controller, Glenn Duffy, and his supervisor NEED to be fired.

Never mind that the kids did little other than parrot their father’s words.
Never mind that the father was supervising them.

The point is that the NYC area is the world’s busiest air corridor, covering the biggest terrorist-threatened area in the world.

People in air traffic control do not need to be splitting their attention from the air traffic to their kids. This is a high pressure, highly important job where the people need their eyes on the sky, and our safely, and NOT on their children.

Children in that environment are a potentially dangerous distraction to those whose attention MUST be on their jobs.

Plus the kids got chocolate all over the radar display.

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