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The “Toylet.” Will Sega Blush With Shame or Flush With Pride?

6 Jan

January 6, 2011

It is a whole other world in Japan. Based on the movies I’ve seen, I wouldn’t go there, it’s dangerous. Just walking down the street to get a carton of milk, you risk ninjas jumping out of trees, ronin ready to skewer you just beyond your fence, rival Kung-fu schools brawling on every corner, and samurai attacks everywhere. Not to mention Godzilla. And when you get to the store? No milk. It’s all rice wine, sake, sake, everywhere sake.

That all may or may not be true, but seriously, Japan is unlike any other country. Where else can you see grown men in business suits reading comic books featuring little girls with elf ears and skirts that don’t cover their panties who get raped every third page? What’s up with that?

Think I’m kidding? Look at this Hello Kitty urinal screen.

Sick enough for you? I’m not done yet. Sega has come up with a whole video game based on the concept of peeing. Called the “Toylet,” the more and stronger you pee the better you do. And if that’s not weird enough for you, it gets pervy too- you can lift little girl’s skirts with your pee.

Read on.

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