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Lois Lane, what does Superman see in you?

21 Dec

December 21, 2010

Yesterday we focused on Wonder Woman, today we focus on the woman who is arguably DC’s most famous female, Lois Lane.

Today we all know Lois as a strong role model, an investigative reporter and Pulitzer prize-winning journalist. Aside from the tiny little fact that she never figured out that Clark Kent was Superman, and frankly those glasses  of his really don’t make a big difference, she is a real inspiration for girls of all ages. Of course, she is fictional, and if you saw the otherwise wonderful Superman the Movie, you’ve wondered why they ever cast Margot Kidder in the role. She’s pretty unattractive, has a raspy smoker’s voice, and the script didn’t help her either- she was a chain smoker who couldn’t spell.

History hasn’t been kind to her either. Here is a short gallery of classic covers featuring Lois Lane from the 1950’s and 60’s. And be on the lookout for the surprise cameo by Pat Boone. (Yes, I said Pat Boone.) I would have made this a Top Ten, but that Boone cover made it eleven and I wasn’t taking out a single one of these gems.

And as a bonus, here is the Superman cover where he faces the villany of… Orson Welles. Yes, that Orson Welles. Watch out Supes! He may skewer you in his Radio Almanac!

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