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The 2010 Prime Time Lineup- As It Should Be.

4 Oct

October 4, 2010

In my last blog, I introduced you to some actual shows airing on cable television. (And one fake show- Air Traffic Antics. OK, you may have guessed it, but don’t try to tell me it was any worse than the rest of that sorry bunch.)

Well, those were all reality shows, but this season the pendulum is swinging back to scripted television. Of course, not all goes well.

FOX’s  Lonestar has been cancelled after only two airings. and don’t tell me Running Wild makes it to week six. If you’ve seen the stuff ABC is throwing at the wall to see what sticks on Friday nights you know they’ll have a couple of slots free soon too.

(Why was Lonestar cancelled? Mr. Blog’s research showed that a majority of those questioned confused Lonestar with BraveStarr, an outer space Western cartoon from the late 1980’s. Oh boy. You should meet Mr. Blog’s research panel.)

Television veterans aren’t faring well either. Larry King is leaving his show and finally crumbling into dust, Oprah is taking her ball and going home to her own network, and even Hannah Montana is leaving the Disney Channel. For obscurity, we hope. We simply pray that it doesn’t mean that her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, has time on his hands to make another album.

As you can tell, that leaves a lot of room for new shows. I proudly present the next generation of prime time television!

Set in Las Vegas in the 1960’s, this weekly drama follows Frank Sinatra off-stage as he assists the police in solving their most baffling crimes. Cleverly masquerading as a swinging womanizer, Sinatra slyly uses his mob connections to get information that the police are unable, or unwilling, to get. With Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., and the rest of the Rat Pack as cover, Frank Sinatra blends in with the seamy underbelly of organized crime in the city of sin. However, Lt. Lewiston is constantly at odds with Sinatra. He doesn’t approve of Frank Sinatra’s maverick ways, but unknown to Sinatra, Lt. Lewiston is also a frustrated lounge singer who is sick of seeing his gigs stolen by Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack. The two constantly clash over both police methodology and the proper arrangement of “Summer Wind.”

NOTE: Frank Sinatra does not sing in this series.

Take a nostalgic trip back to the year 2007 in this half-hour comedy.

The old 1950’s sitcom Make Room for Daddy gets a facelift for the 21st century. Melinda is a single mother living with her sassy ten year-old daughter Kendi and her older sister Mel in a small apartment in Queens. It’s hard enough to pay the rent with Melinda and Mel’s two paychecks and still raise Kendi, but hilarity ensues when Thorpe, Melinda’s baby-daddy turns up and moves in. Melinda hasn’t seen Thorpe in years, but he’s out of prison and back in their lives. Determined to be a father to Kendi, and equally determined to not work or pay rent, can he get along with Melinda and Mel in a three-room apartment? Melinda’s boyfriend Kane may just have something to say about that!

Showcasing the worst in computer generated special effects, this techno-babble filled hourly sci-fi space drama is brought to the small screen by Biff Rodenberry, grandson of Star Trek creator Gene Rodenberry.

Captain Lee “Leaf” Erickson and the crew of the A.K.C. Star Hustler are on a mission to find and map alien solar systems. Crew members include First Officer Zort, Major Richard C. Richards, and Sloopy, a dog-eared alien from the planet Flatulon.

Each week, intense theoretical and philosophical issues are raised, debated, pondered, and thought over through dialogue, soliloquy, and the occasional raised voice or frown.

In episode one, Captain “Leaf” Erickson encounters a strange life form who engages his crew in a game of chess. 

This daily half-hour cartoon stars Abe Vigoda as the voice of Little Bosco, a cute and clumsy teddy bear who lives in the toy box of a spoiled child. Every episode, Little Bosco and his friends- Brown Gopher, Weak-Willed Wanda the Weasel, Monkey Mike and Silly Zebra- strike out on their own and have fun adventures in the back yard. Watch out! Percival, the spoiled rich boy, is looking for his toys.

Trading in his boardroom for a courtroom, Donald Trump presides over the latest syndicated judicial reality series.

Each week, actual defendants and plaintiffs with real court cases come before Judge Donald Trump in Trump Court to have their cases heard. Assisted by court officer Donald Trump Jr., The Donald renders his own brand of fair and impartial verdicts while continuing to build the Trump brand. The twist of this reality show is that while most shows order the losers to pay the winner’s judgments, in this court, all judgments are payable to The Donald. Better be on your toes or your case won’t be dismissed, you’ll be fired!

Public Broadcasting gets into the “sports entertainment” business with their weekly live “PBS Wrestling” show. Wrestlers include Norman “the lobbyist” Clarence, “Wild” Tim Russert, and Frank “The Fundraiser.” Titles can change on pin fall, submission, or whoever raises the most money during pledge week.

This one hour drama follows Oog the caveman, a Neanderthal ahead of his time. Not content to hunt for food, avoid mammoths, and just survive, Oog looked to the stars. While no smarter than the average caveman, Oog built the first working spacecraft, all the way back in 10,000 B.C.

Through a freak mishap, Oog found himself propelled forward to our time, where he now works as a consultant for NASA.

It’s comedy meets consecration in this half-hour breakout comedy!

Vinnie  Boombatz was just like you and me- get up, go to work, pay the bills, hang out with his friends. One day his life took an unexpected turn when he awoke and discovered that he’s the Pope. It happened overnight! Vinnie still works in the pharmacy where he’s always filled prescriptions, and still goes drinking at night with his buddies, but now he does it dressed in the Pope’s habit, carrying the Pope’s crook, wearing the Pope’s large hat, and deciding the religious doctrine of millions of believers around the world.  To his worshipers he’s Pope Boombatz I, but to his friends he’s still just Vinnie.

In the first episode, Pope Vinnie wonders if he should sell condoms to a nervous teenager.

(Hey, don’t complain about the titles, we’ll Shatnerize it with A&&holes.)
(Reality, 1 hour)

Hosted by Jeff Foxworthy! Ed Doogle was an average guy in South Dakota. While driving his pickup truck home down a lonely back road one late night, Ed Doogle was abducted by aliens. While they tried to probe him, Ed used all of his redneck cunning and managed to turn the tables on his captors. Piloting the ship back to the alien homeworld, Ed found it ridiculously easy to take over. Ed Doogle is now the leader of a world of aliens. Too bad they are incredibly stupid. Ed Doogle is the leader of a planet of ALIEN ASSHOLES.

There you have it! The next bunch of soon-to-be-cancelled TV hits! And don’t any of you try to tell me that these shows are any worse than Better With You. Have you seen that thing yet? Catch it now while you can. Or better yet, don’t bother.


1 May

May 1, 2010

Have you seen Oprah lately? She’s been on a crusade to promote public safety and protect Americans from certain death.

No, this has nothing to do with terrorism.

Proving that there is no bandwagon moving too fast for her to jump on, Oprah has joined the crusade to stop texting and driving. More accurately, she has jumped on the bandwagon, climbed over the band, and tossed the wagon driver into the road dust. She has been promoting her No Phone Zone, in which everyone from average citizens in the street to even Gail King and Queen Rania of Jordan signs a pledge to never ever text while driving.

It is perfect for Oprah- non-controversial and public relations friendly. How can you argue against it, especially when twenty-four states have already adopted cell phone and texting bans and more are under consideration? Like most of Oprah’s other causes (education, health, animal rescue) it is really a good thing, but unlike the other causes it is impossible to measure any effects it will have, if at all, since it is totally unenforceable and immeasurable.

But it sure garners Oprah some great publicity in a time when her ratings are down and she is preparing to move to her own cable network.

In order to generate some positive publicity and free press for Mr. Blog’s Tepid Ride, I hereby announce the debut of my new cause,


Please help

 What would a kosher deli be without pastrami?

Imagine walking into Katz’s Deli, Wolfie’s or even Subway and finding pastrami taken off the menu.

What if, hanging among the salami and bologna, was an empty space where the pastrami used to be?

At your favorite diner, the Deli Duo taken off the menu?

It boggles the mind.

Yet everyday, in millions of delicatessens around the country, millions of patrons may face this dilemma. 

Don’t become one of them.

Save the Pastrami

When you see the Save the Pastrami volunteer in your neighborhood, please take a second to sign our petition. It is fast and easy and won’t cost you a dime.

However, the cost of not signing may be enormous.

Please, help Save the Pastrami.

Think about it, won’t you?



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