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Imponderable #111: Rabbinical Council of California

4 Oct

October 4, 2013

You know why some Jews become Rabbis? Because they are pious, because they are scholarly, but mostly because of the kick ass research!


I didn’t see that covered in the Talmud!



What was it?

16 Jul

July 16, 2013

I ate in this great Chinese Mexican place this weekend. The décor was very authentic odd, and strangely, the restaurant was Kosher Halal didn’t serve pork.

So what’s going on here?

I’m not sure. The place had a Mexican-style name that I am totally sure was 100% inauthentic. It was along the lines of Quetzalcoatltitio Mexican Grill. The manager/owner/hostess was Chinese, as was the waitress and, as far as I could tell, the kitchen staff.  The window proclaimed that they do not serve or cook pork yet when asked, the hostess explained that they were not kosher or halal, they just cater to people who do not like pork. (As far as I know, those people who make an issue of pork in their food are usually kosher or halal.) The restaurant was decorated with Mexican designs and things like serapes and Mexican tile, yet also with large party streamers hanging from the ceiling, each with a Thomas the Tank Engine character hanging from it. On the wall was a huge poster of Thomas wishing you a happy ninth birthday. Thing is though, they all seemed to have been up for a long time. They were not new

The hostess (and if my girlfriend ask you I never said this) had very large breasts pressed together and spilling out of her top, and she drew (even more)attention to them by wearing the largest jade pendant I have ever seen. It was about the size and shape of a deck of playing cards. My girlfriend works in the area and the hostess pretended to recognize her, and in turn my girlfriend pretended to recognize the hostess. It was very surreal.

So I am not sure what this place really was but the food was very good.



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