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The Saturday Comics: Kool-Aid Man

21 Apr

April 21, 2012

Remember Kool-Aid Man? The giant living pitcher of sugar that saved the day by screaming “Oh yeah!”?

But this isn’t The Late Night Movie House of Crap, so it is on to the comics. Who thought that Kool-Aid man was a good idea for a comic? Both Marvel Comics and Archie Comics, that’s who. Although they are mixed in the gallery below, the differences between the Archie and Marvel issues is obvious even without the logos. One of those comics below is still in my personal collection. For the record, it is the one where he is in space.

I am also including ads and other material for the Kool-Aid man video game. Yes, I said video game. It had to be a ton of fun, right? Right? Right?

Click on the thumbnails to enlarge.

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