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Allan Keyes: About that Ed Koch Post…

18 Feb

February 18, 2013


Hey….I’m back! Like you noticed I was gone J

I can’t tell you all how overjoyed I was to see that Ed Koch post. It was decades in the making.  You see, I remember when I was little Allen Keyes, and I’d watch People’s Court with my brother, Mr. B.  Up until this point, our favorite episode was the one where Judge Wapner made a horrible screw up (he didn’t realize dry ice was cold, and therefore ruled for the wrong litigant) and when he had his sometime Q and A with aspiring legal students at the end of the show, he got absolutely shown up by them and looked stupid.

But then this came along.

It was the perfect storm: Clueless Ed Koch, awful, out of control 5th-rate “wrestlers”,  court reporter stiff Curt getting shown up, and a strange Chinese man menacing that douche Harvey Levin (I’ll rant about him another day but I can’t stand that little egg-sucking cretin)

 Thank god the videotape was on for this one! We watched and laughed, and laughed, and watched some more. Then we forgot about it for years – decades really. And one day Mr. B and I were talking and what do we remember but Titanic Tony again! And we laughed and laughed.  And searched in vain on the internet for it for oh so long.

Nothing! We searched the net for at least 5 years off and on for clips of this, for any mention of it! Nobody even knew about this hidden treasure.   And then, Mr. B finds the holy grail of videotapes (no, not the deluxe director’s cut of Stayin Alive) and I near crapped my pants laughing when I saw this again. So it really makes my sad life that much brighter that this video now exists and is out there for the world (and ME!) to see at our leisure.

So eff you Harvey Levin! You know why.

Some random thoughts on this one:

  • Most like as not, the main participants are all deceased. Those fatso wrestlers probably died of heart failure years ago, unless they died of stupid first. “Crazy” Don Rock (hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha) probably died of moustache dye poisoning. I give the man credit, it takes a superior being to rock a two-tone moustache.
  • Wouldn’t it have been hysterical if the young guy who was in training at the time turned out to be a major wrestler now? This tape could’ve been worth a mint!
  • Titanic Tony HAW HAW. Rule of thumb from an old veteran wrestling watcher:  if you wear airbrushed outfits, YOU MOST LIKELY SUCK.
  • The Behemoth……I wonder why he never made it with the WWE  😉

 “It’s Schtick!”  lol

A Tribute to Ed Koch

14 Feb

February 14, 2013

Former New York City Mayor Ed Koch died last week. He was Mayor for three terms, from 1978 to 1989.

I am old enough to remember NYC back in the 70’s. It was crime ridden and dirty. The city had no money. Sanitation workers went on strike. Things were not good. But Mayor Koch turned things around. And he was a true people person. He loved not only New York but the people of New York. He loved to be among the people and of course, even more so, he loved the spotlight. Growing up, he was the first mayor I was old enough to be politically interested in and I thought he was great. Even today, long after he left office, I still consider all the Mayors who followed him to be sitting in Ed Koch’s office. The man cast a long shadow.

After his term in office, he hosted a radio show and did movie reviews. He always kept in front of the microphone or the camera and always stayed in the news. Did he have an ego? Sure, a big one, but he was one of us.

One thing that the tributes and obituaries mention only in passing is that, from September 8, 1997 to June 25, 1999 (with reruns airing until September 10), Ed Koch hosted The People’s Court. There are not many clips of him on the TV bench on the internet. The show has not aired anywhere since 1999, long before any and every scene put to film ended up on YouTube.

Luckily, I was- and still am- a big People’s Court fan and as I cleaned out a closet this week I found an old videotape and what was on it? An episode of The People’s Court featuring Ed Koch. And what an episode it was! Koch was presiding over the case of Titanic Tony, a wannabe wrestler, suing The Behemoth, his trainer. The best part? They are all in costume and demonstrate their moves in the courtroom. Little wonder that toward the end of the clip Koch tells Titanic Tony he needs to see a psychiatrist. (Ed Koch was not one to mince words.)

I won’t say any more, the clip speaks for itself, though Allan Keyes has a few things to say on this subject next week. So right now, sit back and enjoy.

I also need to mention that this is the first video on the brand new Mr. Blog’s Tepid Ride YouTube channel! Stay tuned for more great stuff!

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