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R.I.P Larry Hagman

6 Dec

December 6, 2012

It was just a total mess at the Larry Hagman estate this week. All his friends, relatives, ne’er-do-well relatives, ex-wives, old mechanics, some guy he once bumped into on the subway, all laid siege to the fabulous Hagman Estate in Nantucket.

screen-shot-2012-07-06-at-10-14-26-amWho knew that Hagman thought that I Dream of Jeannie was a documentary? The man really believed he was an astronaut and had a room full of old sweat suits and jars of Tang and posters of Chuck Yeager. Too bad all of it was taken away by his cousins from Hackensack. Same thing happened to his JR Ewing cowboy hats. The man had 57 of them, all in the exact same shade of Texas Pale. All gone now, all in the hands of some Taco vendor from Taos.

Lost is his prized, framed “Who Shot JR?” sweatshirt. And gone is his only other souvenir from Dallas- a map of Texas signed, for some reason, by Bea Arthur. The grubby hoards left nothing behind. The slightly moist leggings worn by Barbara Eden that he kept in a box under his bed? Gone. His can of goo that inspired his film, Beware the Blob? Nowhere to be found, its niche above his bed is now empty.

Poor Larry Hagman. The irony is, he was the only man in America who had no idea who shot JR, a fact which haunted him until the day of his death.


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