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The Treasure Chest of Terrible Toys: Masters of The Universe Grizzlor

1 Dec

December 1, 2012

grizzlor header

Ever see an old hairbrush? One so full of hair and clogged that even if you wanted to touch it, no way would it comb your hair. It is just a disgusting hairy thing.

Now imagine that as an action figure. I present: GRIZZLOR!


And now I re-present: GRIZZLOR!


He’s having a really bad hair day.

Hmm, big and hairy, brown, carrying a bowcaster and wearing something strapped across his chest… can you say “Chewbacca ripoff?”

Anyway, this guy was a Masters of the Universe character and as bad as that figure is, I guess the cartoon really gave the sculptors nothing much to work with.


Looks constipated, doesn’t he? He must really be letting out a stink- look at the woman behind him, she can’t even breath!

So this hairy thing is based on a kid’s cartoon yet it says, right on the front of his package, with no trace of irony or snark, “Adult collection.”


Anyway, I can’t really complain. I thought it was hysterical when Grizzlor and DotComLor guest starred on 30 Rock:

30 Rock

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