Are You Sure That’s Captain America?

3 Sep

August 3, 2017

I was shopping for some clothes for my niece and nephew yesterday. (No, I was not just lurking in the children’s section. I really do have toddlers in my family.) There was a rack of t-shirts and I found this off-model Captain America image.

The sticker says it’s collectible! Buy five of them!

Orange, white and blue? Orange? I’ve been mistaken all these years. That “A” on his forehead isn’t for America, it’s for Auburn University!

There. Fixed it for you.

P.S.: I bought the shirt anyway.




Separated At Birth: Cartoon Edition

28 Aug

August 28, 2017

Can an inanimate object and a cartoon character really be said to be separated at birth? You make the call.

I think the answer is “yes.” 



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