See What I Did There? (January Look Back, 2014 Look Ahead)

2 Feb

February 2, 2014

January was a pretty interesting month around Mr. Blog’s Tepid Ride. We talked about a lost and lonely bear, I had trouble being seated in an empty restaurant, and Allan Keyes wished harm on subway tool Lucas. I lost my temper at the post office, wondered what kind of car Darth Vader would drive, and the Tepid Zombie popped up to tell us he liked to snack on fingers. There was bad spelling and bad cosplay, Dennis Rodman and The Fay Guy eating a cheeseburger. Lego, language, and interplanetary carnage all appeared in the blog last month. I pondered a mysterious cup and Mike Monge presented his version of Boba Fett. Frank Perdue fought Colonel Sanders and the Northeast fought the Polar Vortex. There was whole lot more, including pigs, Justin Bieber, and lots and lots of farting.

blog 1970

It was a good month. But what else was it?

It was a month without a single rerun. Even on Sundays, where in the past I’d post the Sneak Peek of the upcoming week, I posted new blogs. OK, they weren’t all winners (Chachi blog, I’m looking at you) but 31 days of original material every day is pretty good. And take this into consideration: I ended December with about 2 solid weeks of reruns, and the month before had some reruns around Thanksgiving week. I also abandoned the old schedule. The Imponderable, which had been a Friday staple, appeared once on a Tuesday and never again. Saturday also saw only one Saturday Comics last month. And then, on February 1, I took the day off.

So what does all this mean? First of all, I went a month with no reruns to prove a point: that I can do it. (And have done it, over and over.) All this Daily Write nonsense? Just do it. Write something and put it up. Secondly, I tossed the schedule out the window. If I find a good story for The Imponderable and it’s ready, I’ll run it on a Monday. All Keyes submits his rant on a Wednesday? I’ll run it then. And a month with no scheduled features? Who needs them? The only thing I plan to stick to is, if I find I do have a Saturday Comics, I’ll run it on Saturday only since I do like the idea of reading the comics on the weekend. Old-fashioned, I know. Plus this way I don’t have to change the logo. And don’t expect to see regular Sneak Peeks. In a nutshell, if I have something to run I’ll run it.

And if I don’t I won’t. I have something like nearly 2,000 blogs on this site. What do I need to prove? So, your Daily Dose of the Absurdities of This Absurd World will be more-or-less daily. I can afford to take a few days off.

So expect more of the same, just a little more random than in the past, for the rest of 2014.

Meanwhile, this is Super Bowl Sunday, so I’m off to Mr. Blog’s Tailgating Party!



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