A Thanksgiving Public Service Announcement from Allan Keyes

25 Nov

November 25, 2013

from November 19, 2012

thanksgiving header

keyes1.jpgYeah, turkey is kind of bland and dry, and unless it’s accompanied by a large side order of football, kind of boring.  And yeah, EVERYTHING deep-fried is delicious. So it follows logically many will try to deep fry their turkeys this Thanksgiving.  Why is this a potentially bad idea? I’ll let Fireman Freddy (NOT his real name!) explain to you:

So if you must have your turkey in deep-fried goodness, please do it responsibly! We want all of our readers to be back here next week complaining about how their creepy uncle got drunk and inappropriate  and the bratty kids ate all the cranberry sauce that you were planning on throwing onto your gigantic “thanksgiving on a bun” sandwich that you always have for breakfast the day after while everyone else is in a deep food coma, and how the freakin’ Lions didn’t cover the spread AGAIN….I mean all they had to do was kick the field goal instead of trying for that touchdown! WHY MATTHEW STAFFORD? WHY?!!!!!!!!!!! I LOST ALL THE CHRISTMAS PRESENT MONEY ON THAT GAME OH NO……..NOW I HAVE TO SELL MY BLOOD FOR PRESENTS AGAIN…..*deep breath*

Now lest you think me sentimental, let us all laugh in horror at some deep-fried turkeys gone very, very wrong. HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE! Special bonus at the bottom of this post!



One Response to “A Thanksgiving Public Service Announcement from Allan Keyes”

  1. zathra November 25, 2013 at 12:11 am #

    The WKRP Turkey episode should be a holiday tradition ! It’s been dog’s years since I’ve seen it !


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