American Chopper: The Build is On

3 Sep

September 3, 2012

Last season on American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior, Mikey quite the show after sending some odd texts to his father, and Senior reached out to Paulie with the idea of building a bike together for charity.

Last week on this blog, I reposted a New York Times article in which Paulie mentions being approached by the producers to build a charity bike with his father. I will not belabor the point, just read the last two paragraphs and decide where the reality is in this program.

This week, the show returns with another name change. They’ve dropped Senior vs. Junior and gone back to simply American Chopper.

Man, we are off to a bad start. First thing we see is Monkey Boy Jason Pohl grunting and trying to be funny. Then we learn that OCC is building a café. Wow, they’ve gone far from their foreclosure. And far be it from me to be negative, but I expect the café to be huge. No, not really. A theme restaurant in their shop in a small community in upstate NY? Times Square it isn’t, and even Vince McMahon had to close his WWE restaurant in NYC.

Pohl is, of course, heavily involved in the design of the café and related bike. And it was so nice to see that when Sr. had an idea for the bike, Jason said “it’s your call.” I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, he has too much power at OCC.

The guys are doing a lot of the demo themselves. And that gives Jason more screen time acting stupid. It’s funny. I know I always rag on him and probably spend too much time on him but A- he is a total annoying jerk and B- no one has ever complained about me being too hard on Jason.

So how are they tearing down the walls? By driving a truck through them. But made me laugh hardest was Senior’s hardhat. Even that had the OCC logo on it.

Also in the episode is Rick’s wedding. Everyone loves Rick and hopefully this marriage will not take him away from the shop. He and Vinnie are the fan favorites of American Chopper. Rick invited everyone from OCC and PJD. Vinnie is a part of the wedding. It’ll be interesting to see how the two crews mingle. At least the main people- Rick, Vinnie, and Paulie, are all friends. And Senior should be able to behave.

Meanwhile, Paulie and PJD are doing another bike for Geico. It is a tribute to the armed forces. Like the Cadillac bike, it will have an air bag allowing it to lower itself to the ground.

We got to see Rick’s wedding and for everyone who ever wanted to see how well he cleaned up, we saw Rick in a Tux. How did everyone else look? Senior wore sleeves! But not a jacket. It was a very nice wedding. And unless I missed it, Mikey was not there.

During the reception, Paulie went over to his father and said hi and gave him an awkward hug. But the wives were there and they made small talk and it went well. And it made Rick happy and since it was his wedding that’s what counts.

After the wedding things were back to normal and the builds continued. At the end of the episode Paulie drove out to see his father and decided to do the build with him. Senior seemed genuinely happy.


Sept. 10, 2012
Senior and Junior brainstorm
bike styles for their upcoming collaboration and decide to recreate the first
bike they ever built together. Then PJD unveils the Geico Armed Forces tribute
bike and OCC reveals the Cafe bike at the opening of the OCC Cafe.

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