The Saturday Audio Comics

18 Feb

February 19, 2011

This post is a convergence of a great many wonderful things.

First, as you can tell by the title, it features the great Flash Gordon newspaper strip and the wonderful art of Alex Raymond. I’ve gone in to some greater detail about Flash before, you can read a recent Saturday Comics Flash Gordon entry right here.

Secondly, this is an audio Saturday Comics. Yes, you will hear a segment of an old 1950’s radio show, Comic Weekly Man, in which the jolly Comic Weekly Man read aloud to the listening audience the action from one of that day’s strips. In particular, this week is an adventure of Flash Gordon.

And lastly, but not at all least, if features Jimbo of the OTRr Buffet, for whom I had the pleasure of doing an interview or two. It was he who pointed me toward Comic Weekly Man and, with a lot of enthusiasm, created the video you will see below. It came out so well that he now has an entire collection of Comic Weekly Man shows linked up with the appropriate comics.

You can find Jimbo’s Old Time Radio site here, with great articles and features galore.

You can find his Comic Weekly Man site right here, with everything from Beetle Bailey to Roy Rogers and everything in-between.


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