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They Are Out to Netflix Me (Netflix 5)

29 Feb

February 29, 2012

One again it is time to take a look at Netflix, whose squirrel-based algorithms always manage to come up with suggestions for movies which I might not want to see but will probably get a laugh out of their reasoning.

For example, this was the very first thing they suggested today:

If you have never seen Downfall, trust me, you have seen Downfall. Go to YouTube and search for “Hitler” and you will get a million videos just like this one below:

But getting back to Netflix, why would they think I’d watch a film about Hitler because I enjoyed Curb your Enthusiasm? What is the connection?  I think it is obvious. Hitler. Larry David. The Jews. Thanks a lot Netflix, you anti-Semitic bastards.

What the what now? Does this make any sense to you? Maybe Netflix can provide some clarification.

Clearly Netflix is just recommending things at random. Want more proof?

A Shot in the Dark is a hysterical Peter Sellers Inspector Clouseau film. The others are not comedies. A Shot in the Dark takes place in France.Casablanca has a flashback set in France. Chinatown features a detective. Peter Sellers plays a detective in A Shot in the Dark. The Birds is a Hitchcock film about birds attacking humans. A Shot in the Dark may feature some pigeons in an outdoor shot. Is this the best you can do, Netflix?

Duck Soup is a classic Marx Brothers comedy. The other films are not comedies, not even close. So what is the only possible reason for this recommendation?

Seriously, I want you to tell me, what is the only possible reason for this recommendation? ‘Cause I have no idea.

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