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American Chopper: Troubled Waters

19 Nov

November 19th, 2012

Tune in all through the hour as I post updates.

Didn’t know they were cancelled? Check out the news here.

American Chopper (Season 9)
Troubled Waters
When hurricane Sandy hits, the PJD crew rushes off to rescue the 9/11 Memorial bike. Progress on the production bike stalls out when Sr. and Jr. disagree on a plan of action. Sr. and Vinnie finally face off about their past differences after five years.

We’re moving along to the next Build-Off, a two-parter airing december 10th and 11th. Tonight’s show promises to deliver the only thing I am still interested in, a face off between Vinnie and Senior. Will the show deliver? It rarely does.

The 9/11 Memorial Bike took a hit from Hurricane Sandy. According to Paul Jr, it was under 4 feet of water. Salt water. Corrosive salt water. Everything that could be rusted is rusted. The battery is corroded. It is a wreck. They are going to fix it up and bring it back to ground Zero. It is full of “seaweed and sewage” and needs to be broken down to almost the tiniest parts and refinished, and more.

Senior and his monkey decide to prank both Jesse James and Paulie. Then later they dress some dummies like the Fast N’ Furious guys and lynch them from the fans, then beat them up with hammers. Then Mike blow-torched one.  I’ll skip this very lame and obviously staged part of the show. Can they re-cancel this show right now and end it at 9:22?

Meanwhile, Senior and Junior are still not on the same page about their production bike. Paulie seems to be moving forward on his own, and Senior keeps trying to talk and get some details hammered out. And somehow, despite everything we’ve seen and heard, Paulie has no idea that they are going to form a company together. Huh?

“I guess I don’t know what I’m doing I have to give it some thought.” -Paul Jr.
“This is starting to affect our relationship.” -Senior.

Speaking of business, Paulie is trying to partner up with a t-shirt company to do a line based on their bikes. Sounds like the stuff OCC sells in  shop. But I guess Paulie is really trying to leverage the “D” in PJD. When the shirts came in later, even as jaded as I am, I have to admit that I would wear some of them. They were tha nice.

The  Big Ass Fans bike is done and it looks to me like an old school bike. No, strike that, it looks like an old bike, not the same thing. Squat, stocky, and dark, it did not impress me.

And you thought Jason was the big ass. Here is the real Big Ass of Big Ass fans.

At about 9:25 they unveil the Big Ass Bike, which is normally what closes the show, so that goes to show you how smoothly edited the show is. No segments make sense in context of what came last, it is edited with a blender. Shows are just whatever fits this week, and with only 2 regular shows left before the Build-Off, expect more jumbles to come.

At about 9:31 Senior asks Paulie about what part he wants to have in the company and Paulie says, more or less, “huh?” He wants to take baby steps.

“We have completely different ways of doing business.” -Paulie
“But there’s a standard way of doing business. Every company has contracts, and agreements, etc.” -Senior
“We’re disagreeing on the basics, like where we meet!” -Paulie
“That’s why we have contracts! To handle the basics!” -Senior

BTW, as usual, this commercial break was so  long I took a nap. From about 9:32 to 9:41 every week you can forget this show exists, since it doesn’t.

Back from commercial, finally, and Joe had a more productive meeting with Senior than Paulie ever did.
“There is something easier about the meetings back there if you know you can leave when you’re done.” -Paulie

9:48: Senior calls Vinnie and asks to have a face-to-face to work things out.
Here we go.
To commercial.
Like I say, the show is edited at random, but you can always expect the one thing you want to see stuck in the last five minutes.

Vinnie wants “more than just I’m sorry.” Senior claims he has no idea what Vinnie is angry about. Mafia-like, they meet on the side of a road.

Vinnie’s grudges:
Thousands of hours of unpaid overtime.
No respect.

Senior says:
Without me you’d be nothing.
You sued me when you quit. (Vinnie- “No I didn’t.”)
You quit without notice. (NOTE: Vinnie’s lawyer gave his notice. Senior then said he wanted it from Vinnie.)

Bottom line- Vinnie wants nothing from Senior, he is happy with where he is. He does not want to go to OCC.
“I really don’t care. If you don’t want to go that’s fine, if you do you’re welcome.” -Senior
“I guess I just shook Paul Senior’s hand for the last time.” -Vinnie.


17 Nov

November 18, 2012

This story is from the New York Post:

‘Chopper’ outta gas after decade

  • Last Updated:  11:58 PM, November 16, 2012
  • Posted: 11:14 PM, November 16, 2012
The Teutuls have built their last bike — at least for TV audiences.American Chopper” is ending its 10-year run next month, according to ew.com.

“After 10 years and 233 episodes of incredible, riveting reality television, ‘American Chopper’ will be ending its run,” Discovery/TLC Networks president Eileen O’Neill said in a statement.

“This series was one of the very first family-based programs on television.”

The series, a favorite of “Late Show” host David Letterman, was initially centered around Orange County Choppers, located in upstate Newburgh, NY, and featured father Paul Teutul Sr. and two of his sons, Paulie Jr. and Mike.

“American Chopper” launched in 2002 on Discovery, before moving to sister network TLC in 2008 .

It was renamed “American Chopper: Junior vs. Senior” in 2010 after a feud between the two Pauls spurred Junior to open his open his own nearby bike shop called Paul Junior Designs.

The show then moved back to Discovery.

Last summer, as The Post exclusively reported, the two Pauls — who had been estranged for three years and enmeshed in legal battles — agreed to build a bike together, which was the basis of this season’s “American Chopper.”

The final episode, airing over two nights, will feature a four-way “bike buildoff” including Jesse James.

It’s called called “Chopper Live: The Revenge” and airs Monday and Tuesday, Dec. 10 and 11, from the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

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