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Writer’s Block #6: Write a Short Story

23 Oct

October 23, 2013

It has been awhile since I had to revert to the list of oddball writer’s prompts used by “colleges and universities” around the country. Today’s prompt comes from The University of Chicago, from 2002: Write a short story using one of the following titles: a.) House of Cards, b.)The Poor Sport, c.) Drama at the Prom, d.) Election Night, 2044, e.) The Getaway.


Book Six of The Sweetapple High Babysitter’s Association

Clete Flintlock was the star of the basketball team, but when it came to love, the stud was a dud. Could Clete find love at the prom with the head cheerleader? Anything can happen on Prom Night!

Chapter One

Seven – nothing! Clete Flintlock scored the winning touchdown AGAIN!

The Sweetapple Tarts were the best football team in all of Mid-County County, and Clete Flintlock was the best player on the team. He was the entire package- a sports hero, smart with a near-perfect SAT score, and so handsome that all the girls from the Junior and Senior classes were dying to date him. But why didn’t he have a girlfriend?


I can’t do this! I can’t! What the F- is wrong with the University of Chicago? Those prompts are for teenagers who still dream of babysitting for Brad Pitt. “Drama at the Prom”? “The Poor Sport”? What are those, episodes of something on Nicktoons?

You want drama at the prom? Add an unwanted pregnancy, lots of alcohol, and teenage hormones and you’ve got Drama at the Prom.



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