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Imponderable #103: Arkansas

2 Aug

August 2, 2013

I want to apologize beforehand. This is another testicle story. Between this and the guy with the 140 pound testicles I really don’t want this site to become Testicle Central. I really need to rethink the Imponderable. Last week’s goofy ghost story is more in line with what I prefer. However, that said, the essence of an Imponderable is that (among other things) it is unbelievable. This story I find very, very hard to believe. We have A- a man who is paralyzed from the waist down and B- his dog. And in the fact that C- he sleeps in the nude and the fact that D- the dog was hungry and you may know where this is going.


I may need to rethink, not just The Imponderable, but my whole life if this is the sort of story I am going to post. I have a headache right now.

But I am not as bad off as that guy in the story.

One quick note. This story has been edited by The Daily News since it originally appeared. The comments section was full of readers complaining that, as it was first published, the story read “the dog was in fact eating his ball” instead of “his gonad.”

I have a lot of other problems with this story.

PS: I will not be at all surprised if this is just an urban legend. Somebody check Snopes.

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