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American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior: Operation Reconciliation

27 Feb

February 27, 2012

Feb. 27, 2012
OCC builds a bike for Veterans Airlift Command and PJD finishes a bike for One Call Concepts. Then, more determined than ever to reconcile with Mikey and Junior, Senior invites Mikey to join him at a painting class.

Last week, Senior’s mother died and he was very upset by the lack of reaction by his sons. Vinnie was the lone person from the Paulie side of the divide to offer his condolences to Sr.

9:01- Jason walks into Senior’s office with drawings for a Veterans Airlift Command wounded warriors bike, with a Purple Heart theme. The way he explained it to Senior, it was like Sr. never heard of it before. Who is running that company? Or rather, who set up that shot for television? Anyway, I’ve said it in recent recaps, Jason is getting more and more freedom and independence in that company. That will be their downfall.

PJD is finishing up the OCC bike. No, that’s not a typo, they are building a bike for One Call Concepts. Forgive me for reusing their lame joke from last week.

9:05- we see Mikey’s Gallery of Bad Finger Paint Art. Mikey is announcing that he is losing weight to raise money for a leukemia charity. Good for him, quite honestly. Not only is he near-morbidly obese, he is 350 pounds,  but it is a good charity. Of course, does anyone believe Mikey will lose much? Anything?

So from 9:01 to 9:08 the show has focused on Jason and Mikey. Can it go anywhere but up from here?

Things take a turn for the better, when Rick, always a professional, takes us through the build of the Veterans Airlift Command bike. He certainly is not the only guy at OCC who knows bikes, but is there a better front man? Senior needs to take Rick along on some of the customer meetings to make OCC look good. I know I said Rick takes us through the build, but really, it was about 3 minutes of build. This is not much of a show about building bikes anymore. If Rick would grin like a moron, put stupid amounts of gel in his hair, act like a pampered obnoxious brat who knows nothing about bikes and insist on saying “motor-sickle” he’d get more screen time. Kissing butt should help too. (Not that I am describing any particular Jason around the shop.)

After the break, Rick took us through another couple of minutes of fabrication. From about 9:08 to 9:15, including a commercial break, the bike is nearly fabricated. And speaking of fabricating, it was pointed out that Jason’s design was nice to look at, very hard to build. The parts are heavy and hard to machine. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone who knew how to build a bike had some say in the design process?

Senior, in an attempt to reconcile, invited Mikey to come to his house and meet wounded veterans and an artist.  “I really do miss him.”

It isn’t a bad idea, they won’t be alone and there will be things going on to keep them distracted from their problems. I’m already on record as saying that Mikey is the bigger jerk here. No matter what wacko condition he put on a meeting, no matter what silly thing he had his father do, he always found a reason to chicken out. Even if the promos did not give it away, there is no way I’d believe Mikey would man up and go. He discussed it with Vinnie and of course, Mikey was suspicious and uncomfortable. (Really, anything to not go.) Vinnie advised him that it would be a strange situation and said Mikey should not go. I think Vinnie was wrong but if it was not Vinnie, it would be Paulie, or his blind assistant, or some random barking dog giving him a reason not to go. As my brother just said, Mikey refuses to get out of his own way.

And not only did he stay away, he didn’t even give his father the courtesy of a reply.

So the OCC crew set  up their easels and did their best to paint an eagle. Hey, an art project! This is perfect for Jason, the big “drawer” at OCC, right? Wrong, he wasn’t there. I guess he wouldn’t do so well without his computer.

Mikey, however, was right in his element painting in his studio with some children from the charity. If nothing else, he is great with kids. But when you consider that the kids’ art was about as good as Mikey’s, that tells the story right there.

Forty minutes in, and for a program titled “Operation Reconciliation” there has been very little attempt at reconciliation. And in teh next twenty minutes, don’t expect much more.

Just before the commercial break we saw the finished OCC Veterans Airlift Command bike and with an eagle head for the headlight and claws on the forks and a great paint job, it was a very nice bike.

The One Call Concepts also had a great paint job, by Nub as usual. Throughout the show I wasn’t too crazy about the bike but seeing it all together has started to change my mind. I like it, though I wasn’t too wild about the green.

At 9:57, we get Sad Senior, unhappy that his sons won’t talk to him. Don’t be fooled, last week he badmouthed his kids to Donald Trump and outright lied about how Paulie treated him.

For next week, Discovery has not listed a description, only a title.

American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior March 5th, 2012
Rick’s News

Let the rampant speculation begin.

The commercial, however, told a different story. As part of the settlement, Paulie got the Black Widow bike. Next week he takes it apart, restores it, and makes one little change. The OCC logo? Gone.

We’ll get into it next week but he is making a mistake.


American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior: The Apprentice Bike

20 Feb

February 20, 2012

Fresh from his win as Project Manager on The Celebrity  Apprentice (Miss the show? Click here for the recap.) Paul Senior returns, on what aims to be a sad evening. Tonight’s show seems, at least in part, to have been filmed concurrently with yesterday’s Apprentice, where Senior led the men’s team to victory in a sandwich challenge. He raised the most money with a donation of $300,000 from an anonymous donor. Frankly, assuming he didn’t somehow donate the money himself, I have no idea who it could have been.

Senior deals with the death of his mother and is hurt then he does not hear from Junior or Mikey. Then, while PJD starts a build for One Call Concepts, OCC unveils a gold bike for Donald Trump.

Of course, given how many of you feel about Senior, there may not be a lot of sympathy for him.

As we found out last week, Senior’s mother died. Senior explained this later on. It was not Senior’s biological mother, it was his step-mother. Not that anything changes in the relationship, they were very. very close, but it is not Paulie and Mikey’s biological grandmother and they were simply not as close.

OCC is continuing the Trump bike. PJD is hired by One Call Concepts to design a bike. Digging in the ground? Afraid of power lines? Call them. Their joke was they were the original OCC, so Paulie is building a bike for OCC. Get it? Hey, it was their joke, not mine.

During the builds Rick did the talking for OCC and Brendon was on camera for PJD, a nice change. Most of the readers here love Rick, but Brendon is professional and an asset to PJD too.

Meanwhile, in some cross-promotion, OCC brings some bikes to Manhattan to set up in front of the shop where Senior’s team is selling their sandwiches. Good idea. Problem is, if  you watched the show last night, this only went one way. Nothing was shown or mentioned of OCC’s bikes except for, perhaps, in the background. Clearly, The Celebrity Apprentice trumps American Chopper. (Ok, that bad pun was mine.)

The builds are continuing, with a little more emphasis than usual on the builds, (not that it says much, especially compared to last week) and even Senior got in on the fabrication. For once. He’s going back and forth from Manhattan to upstate and back during downtime on Trump’s show. He was very impressed with how respectful Don Jr. was to his father. On the other hand, I wonder if Donald Senior ever treated his son like Paul Senior did.

As for family, neither of his sons reached out to him, which I will let you guys debate. For contrast, Vinnie texted his sympathies to Senior, and Vinnie can’t stand him. Senior was touched by Vinnie (his words) but hurt by his sons.

At the half-hour mark, there was the usual Teutul Trivia. I generally don’t pay much attention, but this was interesting. Helen, Senior’s step-mother, played pinochle religiously for 25 years against Senior’s mother and father. The father, mother, and step-mother all played cards together. I am wondering what that relationship was like. Years after his wife died, the father married Helen. That could have been an interesting reality show.

Over at OCC the Trump bike is moving along, and it is being painted in gold leaf. Looking nice.

As I mentioned in the comments last week, the editing of the show lately is very choppy. There is no flow. We are used to going back and forth from OCC to PJD and back, but they are also jumping between plot threads- the bikes, the death, Senior’s disappointment with his sons, the bikes, The Apprentice, etc. For example, if you just follow Senior through the show, he is happy, he is sad, he is angry, he is disappointed, he is happy, he is sad. It makes the show seem disjointed. However, unlike this week, the last 15 minutes of the show were not simply short segments and commercials. Sometimes, like last week, it seems like the show is over at 9:45, more or less.

Senior has a reason to be disappointed. His sons did not show up at the funeral. He heard that Paulie was at the wake but Senior didn’t see him. Mikey was there but he never said a single word to his father. All that left Senior determined to fix his relationship with his sons. We’ll see next week:

OCC builds a bike for Veterans Airlift Command and PJD finishes a bike for One Call Concepts. After his mother’s death, Senior is more determined than ever to reconcile with Mikey and Junior, inviting Mikey to join him at a painting class.

The Trump bike is nearing completion and OCC really delivered. It is about as gaudy with swirls and flourishes as you’d expect a Donald Trump bike to be. Love it or hate it, the motorcycle screams “Trump.”

Mikey related a story about how Helen called him gay and tried to get him to make out with a nurse. That was some mother. Mikey also claimed that he never saw Senior at the wake. About twenty minutes earlier, Senior said Mikey was not more than five feet from him. Mikey also said he didn’t say hi to his father at the funeral because it was not the place, he didn’t want it to be the focus, but Vinnie convinced him he was wrong, he should have gone up to him. Good guy, Vinnie.

At 9:57 Donald Trump made an appearance on the show as Senior arrived in NYC to unveil the bike. then at 9:58 Jason appeared on-screen and ruined it all. Two minutes more and we’d have had no Pohl!

“Thanks for trusting your brand to us.” Jason to Donald Trump. “Us?” I will bet on it, that guy will end up running OCC one day. Probably into the ground.

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