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American Chopper: Now or Never

25 Sep

September 25, 2012

American Chopper (Season 8)
Now or Never

Brought together by a father-son bike build, Junior and Senior begin to open up. While their relationship grows away from the shop, OCC starts a bike for Wildgame Innovations and PJD unveils a five-wheeled trike for Loopster.

Is it you or is this show far less interesting now that things are all happy and sweet? The show isn’t really about building bikes, it was for a very long time about fighting. Now it is about sweetness?

Anyway, on with the show.

It is the last day of fabrication for the bike the guys are building together. Frankly I prefer to see them build a bike like that, without all the high-tech tools they have in the shops. While I admit I have no skills and the most amazing tool would not help me build a bike, I prefer to see people use their skills rather than lean on a machine.

Both men agree that things went well but, as Senior said, they’ve both been on their best behavior. They are both cautiously optimistic.  They may never be close, but I think both of them expect there to be no animosity, and that may be the best they can ask for.

OCC is (as Jason annoyingly describes) doing a bike for a hunting company, Wildgame, and they crew has a whole bunch of stuff, like crossbows, to play with. Discovery must really think that the fans like Jason. Memo to Discovery- he sucks. Anyway, the bike will have weapons on it, hunting gear, antlers, whatever.

PJD is working on a five-wheeled trike for Loopster. Is that still a trike? Anyway, it’s looking cool.

Meanwhile, Vinnie brought his son to the shop and I have to admit, he is cute. One of his daughters is sick and he hasn’t been in the shop too much.

Senior’s wife stopped in the shop an asked how things are going with Paulie. Or, as some of my readers would say, the producers sent her to the shop to ask how things are going with Paulie and I have to say, it did seem fake. An actress she is not. She suggested that Senior ask Paulie and his wife to a barbecue but Senior thought it was too early. and just by coincidence I am sure, Paulie’s wife had the same idea to invite Senior over. And Paulie’s answer? It is too early.

“People love drama but I think it is a family dynamic that brought the show to where it is today… and I think people really want to see the family get back together.” – Senior. I said last week I am rooting for them to get together, but take away the drama and what’s left? How many shows where they walk down memory lane can we see?

BTW- Paulie’s house? It is a mansion with a huge outdoor pool and a ton of property.

Uncharted Territory
PJD starts a build for technology company QUBX while OCC assembles and unveils a bike for Wildgame Innovations. Meanwhile, father and son continue their collaboration on a re-vamped version of an old school bike.

American Chopper: Common Ground

18 Sep

September 18, 2012

Can Father and Son build a bike together? Let’s find out.

Tonight, PJD builds a trike for Loopster. For Paulie, Loopster inspired a dragster idea, and the wheels are huge.

OCC builds a charity bike for the Make A Wish foundation, via Trusted Choice Insurance. And they are going to improvise it as they go, meaning that Jason can’t mess it up. But up on Senior’s sprawling grounds the two Teutuls are beginning a bike that is a replica of the first one they built together. From a personal viewpoint it would be nice if they got together, but from a TV viewpoint I really hope they don’t. The show isn’t much about building bikes, it is about the battling Teutuls. And if they get along? What about the show? What about the drama?

Both of them are moving cautiously, probably rightly so. If you ignore the constant presence of the cameras, directors, producers, etc, they are all on their own and that is the right move.

“Hopefully this build is th start of something new… we’ve both changed, considerably.” -Paulie
“I just uh uh want us to come to a place of comfterbility.” -Senior
“I hope he (Senior) learns from his past mistakes and really means it.” Skeptical Vinnie

It is uncanny the way Paulie walks into Senior’s garage. He walked in just the same way all those seasons ago at OCC, very casually and nonchalantly. They could have almost simply run some first season footage instead.

Twenty-six minutes in, Jason, or as Senior called him, Jackass, walked in to OCC. I hate the way he immediately sticks himself into everything. “We” hit a snag. “We” did this. Jeez, he showed up when the bike was half-fabricated.

And from the Yang to the Ying of OCC (or wang in Jason’s case) we have Rick, whom Senior described as “the mother” of the shop because he was interested in his relationship with his sons.

The Trusted Choice bike was a done-in-one. The bike was built and unveiled in the same show.

I have no idea. Discovery’s listings don’t go far enough.

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