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Imponderable #31: Niagara Falls Canada

13 Jan

January 13, 2012

And you thought nonsense like this only happened on the American side of the border.

To recap:

  • 80 year-old woman slips and falls in a hospital lobby
  • Staff cannot help her unless she calls an ambulance
  • Emergency room is only 50 yards away
  • Ambulance from another hospital arrives 30 minutes later
  • Security guard wraps her head in a dirty blanket
  • Canada’s Health Minister calls incident “disappointing.”

On the other hand, this was a triumph for the legal profession. Who makes those stupid laws? The lawyers. Much as I despise the nurses who did not help the woman despite rushing to her aid, what would have happened if that woman died while under their care? They’d be up on charges. Why? Because they did not follow the rules.

There is nothing new or shocking about this story. By now we are used to incidents like this. Even the tone of the article isn’t outrage or anger, it is mild bemusement.

What is wrong with society when incidents like this are subjects of humor, not outrage? How can a hospital administrator call an 80-year old woman bleeding on a hospital floor “a communication problem”? How can a government official only be “disappointed”?

Why do we put up with this?

The question is Imponderable.

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