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Did I Slip Into The Twilight Zone?

25 Jan

January 25, 2014

I was hospitalized for a short time this week. Nothing serious, but I had to stay for two nights. I was in a room with another man, who had the bed nearest the door. I was nearest the window and the curtains were drawn between us, meaning that I couldn’t see what happened on the other side of the room.

It was getting late, around 11:30. The room was dark but we were both awake watching TV. I couldn’t see the events I am about to relate, but this is what I heard.

NURSE: You can’t go in there.
NURSE: That’s a room for men. You can’t go in.
NURSE: Would you like some men walking into your room?
OLD SOUNDING WOMAN: Are they alive or dead?

There was a long pause, after which the nurse, in a slightly shaky voice, said “They’re alive.”

I heard nothing else from either of them after that, and no one came into the room, so that was the end of the story.

Did I manage to avoid the Angel of Death? Was I saved from a trip to the morgue like in the Twilight Zone? Or was there just a slightly demented old woman wandering around my wing of the hospital that night?

I slept a little less easily that evening.






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