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Samuel L. Jackson: An Appreciation

8 May

May 8, 2014:

Much as I love and know old movies, my TiVo seems to know them better. TiVo has a great feature: it can, on its own, record movies that it thinks you will like based on past things you’ve watched or recorded. That’s how I ended up watching Al Pacino in Sea of Love (1989) this morning. I had never seen it before and I’m glad my TiVo recorded it because, in addition to being a good film, it also has an early performance by Samuel L. Jackson.

Here he is, showing his ID to some undercover cops:


Here he is, waving his hand and yelling at some undercover cops:


And here he is, getting arrested by some undercover cops:


He played a wanted criminal who got caught in a police sting operation. He was only onscreen for a couple of minutes but he was one of the featured crooks, and even had a line with Pacino. So how do you think he was featured in the credits? As “criminal”? “Crook”? “Man in red shirt”?



“Black Guy.”

Way to go, Hollywood, way to go.





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