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American Chopper: Odie and the Ugly ATV

15 Dec

December 15, 2010

Well, we all saw it. We all knew it was coming. They tried to warn us.

Vinnie said he’d never have picked those colors.
Nub hated the colors.
Even Mikey wondered why Odie didn’t talk to people who knew colors.

But Paulie left Odie in charge of the project so neon yellow and orange it was.

Odie is a mush-mouthed kid. I felt a bit sorry for him when Nub said “he’s a good kid but a bit on the simple side.” On the other hand, Odie showed himself to be afraid to talk to people on the phone and to be a jerk under pressure. While I can’t believe Paulie didn’t have Vinnie supervise him, I also can’t believe that everyone was so willing to sit back and let him (and by extension, Paulie,) fail. Vinnie just sat back and watched. Why he didn’t jump in and tell Odie to rethink some things, or even give advice, is beyond me.

The bike is so ugly it is hard to find pictures online. I think Blingstar is trying to hide it. This is the first teaser I found:

There are also no pictures at all of Odie. In the picture above, he is the guy in the helmet in the background. If I got the ATV stuck in the mud on the unveil I wouldn’t show my face either. BTW- notice the date in the picture. They moved it up a month without notice. I think even TLC is ashamed of the quad.

Anyway, here are the pictures. I found them on the PJD Facebook site. Look at them and weep.

During the unveil, not only did Odie get it covered with mud, which was to be expected, but he also cracked and chipped the plastic cover. Nice going kid.

In other OCC news, Paul Sr.’s dog needs to have his leg amputated. As the most likeable member of the show, I feel sorry. Senior broke down and sobbed, which is more emotion than he ever showed toward any member of his family.

And Mikey wants his father to get counseling.

And it continues.

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