Pierre D. Duck and his Fantastic Flock

22 Jun

June 22, 2010

New York Duck Press

Pierre D. Duck and his Fantastic Flock, Wednesday at 10 pm, Discoobery Channel.
by Emil C. Brown

After a week’s delay, the world premier of the Discoobery Channel’s “Duckumentary” Pierre D. Duck and his Fantastic Flock earned top ratings in it’s time period. It was the highest-rated show of the evening.

“I am so proud,” said Pierre in his odd French accent. “I am so proud of my whole wonderful family. Even the mother-in-law.”

Wearing a tuxedo and a distinguished-looking top hat, Pierre showed the Discoobery Channel around his comfortable but slightly cramped three-story nest.

“Sometimes I lose count of how many people live here. There is me, Pierre– I am Pierre, I am so great, I am the greatest duck in the world– where was I?”

Pierre sometimes likes to break into a song about himself. “It is because I am so big in show business. Did you see me in Donald Duck’s last movie? I held the door- ‘Good morning, sir!‘ That was my line.”

Pierre lives with his wife and four children, along with his two brothers and their children, all of his wife’s sisters and their children, his cousin and his family, his grandfather, mother-in-law, and many other members of his extended family.

“I love my Uncle Pierre because he is so funny. But he eats too much,” said his niece Cindy. “I like jelly beans.”

Living at home can be cramped. The Duck family also lives with Donald and Daisy Duck (no relation), the next-door family of frogs who often drop by, frequent guests Furry Murray the dog and Gus the Goose, and a pair of something called “bloops” who live in the basement and have a giant swimming pool.

“A bloop is a big swimming sea creature with lots and lots of arms,” explained Pierre. “I have known him for years.”

He has also known his friend Furry Murray for years. “I have poker games and parties, and Murray Furry, Furry Furry Murray, um the Murray Furry, is always invited.”

Life in the nest is not all parties and poker. “I work very hard. I get up every morning and make the children’s breakfast, then I clean the nest and vacuum the floors, I make the beds and last week I painted the whole nest myself. With no help.”

Pierre’s wife, Cecelia, tells a slightly different story. “See the stomach on him? Let’s just say he likes to sleep late and eat T-bone steaks. He hasn’t climbed a ladder in years.”

Pierre wasn’t always so happy. “I used to live in a bachelor apartment and I had no friends until the Pretty Lady and her fat boyfriend took me in. I owe her everything, She helped me to meet Cecelia, the love of my life, and helped me when I sat on Norman’s egg. I still take them out and treat them to dinner all the time.”

Pierre D. Duck and his Fantastic Flock will air again next week at 8 pm on the Discoobery Channel.

copyright 2010

Pierre the Duck

5 Responses to “Pierre D. Duck and his Fantastic Flock”

  1. JRD Skinner June 24, 2010 at 12:38 pm #

    Playing to the niche duck market, huh?


    • bmj2k June 24, 2010 at 1:49 pm #

      Pierre responds:
      “Duck Market? Gus the Goose drives the bus to Duck World. Is it like that? We go every week! I buy big drums of duck seeds and Cecelia gets all of the children’s clothes there. Do they carry baseball bats? My little Norman is on the baseball team.”

      Pierre is so real to me it is scary.



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