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Good Luck Sylvester McCoy! (You’re Gonna Need It!)

17 May

May 17, 2010

If I ask for your autograph, run.

I have only ever asked for three personalized autographs:

1994- Michael O’Hare. Shortly after autographing my picture, he was fired from his role as Commander Sinclair on Babylon 5. Though it was said to be an amicable departure, rumors persisted that, behind the scenes, he was a nut.

2009- Dominic Carter. Within weeks of autographing my copy of his book, the NY1 anchor was tried and convicted of domestic assault charges.

May 16, 2010- Sylvester McCoy.

Good Luck Sylvester!

(I also have George Takei’s autograph, but the jury is still out on him.)



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