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Imponderable #65: Clayton Cubitt

19 Oct

October 19, 2012

Going against the tradition of The Imponderable, Clayton Cubitt is not a place, he is a man. Read on.

And now, purely in the interest of science and research, are his videos.

And please, be over 18. While there is NO nudity or profanity here, this is not for kids.

I decided that it was in the best traditions of journalism that I present all four videos. And how about that Alicia? If those girls don’t make you a fan of literature I don’t what will. And if you are a true cosmopolitan bibliophile, follow the links at the end of the videos for foreign versions.

And as far as mocking a Victorian theory of hysteria in women, give me a break. Some guys will say anything to get a woman to do some things. The man, btw, lives in my neck of the woods, Brooklyn NY. I would love to run into him some day.

I did some research into this (in the name of journalistic integrity) and the women are either burlesque performers or adult movie stars, and what is going on below the table is probably just what you think is going on below the table. This is real.

But what is it? Art? Well, I guess it is, if only in the sense that everything today is art. Is it a statement? The artist seems to think so but I don’t believe him.

Is this simply the extreme that a man will go to just to get a sexual thrill?

The question is Imponderable. But the answer is probably yes.

You watched all four of those videos, didn’t you? 😉

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