Sneak Peek: March 2014

2 Mar

March 2, 2014



Neither illness, surgery, pain, discomfort, Lego distraction, nor sweet, sweet, medicated oblivion can keep The Editors and Staff of Mr. Blog’s Tepid Ride from quickly knocking out some half-assed blogs for you, our Valued Readers.

Already in the can (heh heh, in the can) are the first two March Madness blogs from Sir Allan Keyes (he was knighted in an obscure Balkan village) but as you might expect, they have nothing to do with basketball. Neptune, King of the Sea, a young boy with a horrible disease, and Mindy Cohn all have slots in his brackets.

I’ve got a rant about the United Parcel Service’s new delivery scheme in which they save millions of dollars each year by not delivering packages. I’ll mock a World War Two veteran, and threaten to punch a hipster to boot.

All that, and I’ll reminisce about the greatest hotel I ever stayed in, this month at

And as for those brackets? Las Vegas has Mr. Drummond (AKA Mr. Blog favorite Conrad Bain) taking it all.



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