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Late Night Movie House: Rosie

22 Oct

October 22, 2013

Ladies and Gentlemen! I present to you… ROSIE!


No, not that Rosie, that’s Roosevelt Grier, noted needlepoint enthusiast, two-headed transplant, and sportsman. He’s in a category all by himself. (BTW, remember the best scene in that film? Ray Milland, on the operating table, sees his new body and says…)

Well, OK, that’s not the best line. The best line in the film comes just a few seconds later, when Whitey looks in the mirror and says “is this some kind of joke?” but I couldn’t find that clip online.

But the awesomeness of The Thing With Two Heads notwithstanding, that’s not the Rosie I’m talking about.

THIS is the Rosie I’m talking about:

What the fu--?

What the fu–?

I know what you are thinking: “Who the what now?” Settle back, and enjoy, if you can, which I couldn’t.


Wikipedia, a dog of a website, says about this dog: Nothing! It doesn’t have an entry.

IMDB says: Nothing! It doesn’t have an entry.

TCM, which actually aired this thing over the weekend, says: No information available for this title. (AKA Nothing! It doesn’t have an entry!)

I’m going to let this speak for itself. Consider yourself lucky that this is only a partial episode. I saw the whole thing Saturday night and I still can’t get back to sleep.

But as ever, Hollywood is not one to let an old idea lie, no matter how crappy the idea. I present to you, the ripoff Rosie called Willfred!


Sheesh, after all this, I should go back to the original name of this feature, Late Night Movie House of Crap. I’m sure Rosie Grier would agree.

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