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Picture Postcard: Abandoned Sea Forts

27 Jun

June 27, 2011

Today’s Picture Postcard comes to us from AOL. I am shocked that it’s still around. Does anyone use it anymore?

Some tripods left over from the Martian invasion, perhaps?

Nope, wrong invasion.

Maunsell Sea Forts, UK

These fortified English towers were operated by the Royal Navy and provided anti-aircraft fire against German air raids during World War II. Built in 1942, the sea forts were towed into the Thames Estuary and grounded in water no deeper than 100 feet. Each fort consisted of seven structures connected by catwalks.

The forts were accessible by an entrance at the base of the platform. Although parts of these ladders are still visible today, they are in poor condition and attempting to access them could prove hazardous.

In 1955, it was decided that the forts were no longer necessary and they were decommissioned. The abandoned forts were used as pirate radio stations during the 60’s and 70’s, when unlicensed illegal broadcasting was rampant.

Getting There: The sea forts are only reachable by boat. Ask around in Shoeburyness for a sailor.

Pirate radio and abandoned buildings? Puts me in the mood for an urban legend. In fact, check out The legend of Midnight Tales with Cassandra from the good people of Flash Pulp at Flashpulp.com.

The legend of Midnight Tales with Cassandra still abounds on the American East Coast…

Picture Postcard Thursday- Staten Island Boat Graveyard

17 Mar

March 17, 2011- midday

You may have heard of this. On Staten Island there is a place where old boats go to die. The inlet is littered with rusty wrecks so thick that at some places you can walk on them.

Google it for more info. It isn’t too easy to get to. On this particular day a friend and I decided to see some S.I. urban decay and of course, as is becoming usual with these stories, we picked the worst possible day. A storm hit that was so severe that parts of Staten Island lost power. Other parts were flooded. During the worst of the storm we were walking around- OK, trespassing in an abandoned insane asylum. I did not make that up. (And for some reason I actually miss her.)

To take the first of these pics we walked into a gravel company yard and after asking for permission, and being told in no uncertain terms to get the Hell out of there, we took a few pictures anyway. Not smart. There were some angry (and wet, it was raining) and very burly men heading our way so I decided that discretion was the better part of valor and valiantly got out of Dodge. The others were taken from an overgrown lot next door.

We never did find the entrance to the graveyard but we made up for it in sheer wet. I was drenched by the end of the day.

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