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The Saturday Comics: The Spanish Spider-Man

2 Feb

February 2, 2013


The Spanish Spider-Man is not a new title, nor is it a new character.

Marvel is pretty transparent when it comes to political correctness. Aside from the white male Peter Parker, they’ve tried to make multi-cultural versions of Spidey for “wider markets.”

After Peter Parker’s death in Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #160 a new character by the name of Miles Morales takes up the mantle of Spider-Man as a black thirteen-year-old superhero.

Spider-Man 2099: A geneticist named Miguel O’Hara gained his spider-like powers from a gene-splicing incident.

Spider-Man: India is a comic book originally published in India by Gotham Entertainment Group in 2004, retelling the story of Marvel Comics’ Spider-Man in an Indian setting.

The Spider-Girl comic book series, originally published under the MC2 imprint, features May “Mayday” Parker, Peter’s daughter in an alternate continuity.

However, this Spanish Spider-Man is nothing like that. These are reprints of the Amazing Spider-Man comic translated into Spanish and branded as El Asombroso Hombre-Arana. I don’t know when these first began to appear, but they started at number one and continued well into the modern era. The title may still be published, though I can’t verify that. So check out the gallery below of El Asombroso Hombre-Arana and enjoy.

Click on the thumbnails for full-size images.

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