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Imponderable #53: Port Richey Florida

6 Jul

July 6, 2012

What more can I add? The man has his priorities.

I’ve never been a beer drinker. If I want bad tasting foam then I’ll know there is something wrong with me.  Me? I’m a Pepsi kind of guy, like my role model George Costanza.

But I totally get that there are some people, like the afore-mentioned Mr. Whittle, who lead very beer-intensive lifestyles. I’ve covered the link between beer and crime before. For example, there was Imponderable #11, in which a man fleeing from the police  was caught because he would not stop drinking beer as he ran. In fact, pretty much any time there is a lot of beer flowing you can expect guys to be doing something stupid.

Of course, this is a little different. Mr. Whittle robbed the bank before he drank his beer.

Aren’t you supposed to get drunk, decide that robbing a bank is a good idea, then have the robbery foiled because you spent thirty minutes trying to push open a pull door until the bank closed? Isn’t that the way these things work?

I really want to know what this apparently sober man was thinking.

So what was he thinking?

The question is Imponderable.

Ya know, this reminds me of a movie I haven’t seen in ages.

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