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The Saturday Afternoon Movie: Chinese Popeye

6 Apr

April 6, 2013


Saturday is usually the province of Saturday Comics or its occasional step-brother, The Treasure Chest of Terrible Toys. But this is Popeye Week! And Mr. Blog, like Popeye, will not be bound any mere arbitrary rules, even if they are his own arbitrary rules. Especially if they are his own arbitrary rules.

This has popped (Popeyed?) up all around the internet lately but I can only find this short clip. No one seems to have any more. So what is Chinese Popeye about? It is a chinese film about Popeye (duh) and in this clip, he fights mummies.

Yes, I said mummies. So sit back, relax, and prepare yourself for Chinese Popeye. (I’m sure there is a real name for this but everyone just seems to call it Chinese Popeye, and frankly no matter what it is really called, I’m sticking with chinese Popeye.)

If this was out on DVD I would buy it. Probably for no more than $5 from the bootleg peddler on the street, but I’d still buy it.

Imponderable #88: Milford Massachusetts

5 Apr

April 5, 2013

It is great to have a hero. someone to emulate, to base your life on, to aspire to be like. Thumbs up if your hero is Gandhi, thumbs down if  your hero is John Wayne Gacy. And if you choose to emulate Popeye? Well, read on…


That’s fairly disgusting.

The story was pretty long. There is a part where he explains how it is hard to find shirts that fit him. That alone may be reason for him to stop working out. He says shirts with arms big enough for his disproportionate arms often make him look like a kid wearing padding. Again, reason enough to stop.

And there is also the reason that he looks like a freak.

It isn’t like being in the record book is a big money-maker. And I really don’t see any benefit to those Godzilla-limbs. so what does he get out of it? Probably just some sort of sop to his underdeveloped ego, I’d imagine. “Hey look at me! I’m the guy with the Popeye arms! Yeah ladies, you know you want me!”

Why would anyone want Popeye arms?
The question is Imponderable.

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