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New TV Season, Same Old Games

17 Sep

September 17, 2013

Before video games, there were board games. Sure, board games are still around, but unless you are Amish you probably don’t play them. But back in “the day” (what day? I dunno) there were board games based on TV shows, and here I present 2 dozen of them from the thrilling day of yesteryear.


Ahh, the wholesome Waltons. What a boring game this must have been, “Say goodnight, John Boy. Move back 2 spaces.”


Meh. I was always more of a Goober fan.


ALF! Everyone loves ALF! Go ahead and laugh, you loved him the 80’s.

board_games_based_on_old_tv_shows_07“I rolled a 4! I get to rough up a suspect!”
“I rolled a 6. I have to clean up after the bird.”


The wackiness of war, right in your own home! Help Klinger find a cocktail dress! Search for Hawkeye’s lost tuxedo! Perform a blood transfusion on a wounded North Korean prisoner of war! Die in a mortar attack!


I don’t know if this is based on the movie or the TV show, but in what version did that little ape kid star? None of them.

Back Camera

Going way back with this one. This might be one of the only games on this list that actually lends itself to a board game.


“Color Photo of B.A. Inside!”  YES! I have to have a color photo of Mr. T to round out my Foes of Hulk Hogan Collection!


What? What? An All in the Family game? What do you do to win? I think this game makes us all losers.


I’d have bought time one if I saw it.


Any game where you can play as Sorrell Booke is OK in my book.


Ah yes, the classic concentration camp game. Tasteless.


No. Just no.


Being a huge Dark Shadows fan I’d play this. Ghosts, coffins, vampires, witches, what is there not to love?


I had this one.


I wish I owned this one. Imagine- all the action of your favorite, dynamic tv show! “One more thing- can I borrow a shoelace? Lose a turn.”


AAAAAAYYYYYY! Stick The Fonz’s face on anything and it will sell, even if it is a goofy cartoon picture like this.


Not a TV-based game, but in my never-ending quest to present all things Superman I had to include it, Plus the box is just awful. imagesCAZNDRS0

I had this one too. I was actually called (check if you don’t believe me) the “up your nose with a rubber hose game” and it came with a short piece of rubber hose. For real.


Didn’t have this, but I had the Mork action figure, which came in an interstellar egg, and the talking Mork doll. Pull the string on his back and he says “nanu nanu.”

star trek game 010

Bet this goes for big bucks now.


I have never seen this show.


From across the ocean comes this British game where old men fight Nazis. Keep it classy England.


This is the box they went with? They stuck a small picture of Telly Savalas in the corner because they just had to have the image of the munchkin in the funny hat on the cover? Why?

The Saturday Comics: Pizzazz

29 Jun

June 29, 2013


I remember this magazine, and especially the comic book ads for this magazine, but I was just a little too young to appreciate it. I saw it on the stands but I am not sure if I ever bought it. A Marvel Comics magazine, it featured articles on comics, Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica, as well as all kinds of pop culture and music. Pizzazz only ran 16 issues, from October 1977 to January 1979, so I was just 7 or 8 when this hit the stands, a few years too young to really be interested. And too bad, since I would have loved the cover featuring Superman, The Movie. (The caption from Superman on the cover reads: “I consider it the greatest honor of my long career to be on the cover of a Marvel magazine.” DC and Marvel are fierce competitors, then and now.)

Stan Lee never looked this good in his life.

Stan Lee never looked this good in his life.

Here is the Wikipedia entry, which is decidedly short on pizazz:

Recurring features included a comic about Amy Carter’s life as the President’s daughter, a serialized Star Wars comic, and a one-page comic by Harvey Kurtzman (typically a “Hey Look!” piece done for the Marvel predecessor Timely Comics in the 1940s) on the last page. Regular columns included the reader dream-analyzing “Dream Dimensions” and the advice column “Dear Wendy.” Once the magazine was established, a regular feature was a full-page illustration of some crowded scene in which the names of readers who had written letters to the magazine were hidden. The covers showed either photos of popular celebrities, or photo-realistic drawings of celebrities and/or Marvel superheroes. Shaun Cassidy was featured on six covers, The Hulk appeared on five covers, Spider-Man on four, and Peter Frampton on three.

Topics mentioned in the magazine included (but weren’t limited to):

  • The original Star Wars movie
  • Grease
  • Meat Loaf
  • The movie Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
  • Battlestar Galactica
  • Superman: The Movie

The early installments of the serialized Star Wars comic featured in Pizzazz have the distinction of being the first original (i.e., not directly adapted from the films) Star Wars material to appear in print form, preceding the 1978 novel Splinter of the Mind’s Eye by several months, as well as the introduction of original stories in Marvel’s own monthly Star Wars title.

Six Shaun Cassidy covers? SWOON! (And one Meat Loaf. One sweaty bloated Meat Loaf cover.)

I now leave you with a gallery of all sixteen covers of a magazine which, had I been a little older, I would have been all over. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge.

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