Imponderable #89: New York City (Archive a8)

12 Apr

April 12, 2013

The Imponderable this week is yet another from The Archives.

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Ah, public access TV. Anyone with $20 and some spare time can showcase a half hour of their best MIDI music and pictures of kittens. But I suppose public access television has its place. Spirited local discourse, intriguing intellectual debate, crack cocaine recipes, movie reviews, public access telev-

CRACK COCAINE RECIPES? Yes, that’s what I said. Read on, pals.

Imponderable Chef

The cable show “Yo Mama” was all set to air an episode where the “Chef de Cocaine” would tell viewers how to make their own crack. And before you ask, no, they do not pre-screen their shows on public access.

How did they expect to get away with that?
The question is Imponderable.

So what do you think about it, Rick James?

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