Scrappers Mail: Letters from people who love Scrappers and hate me.

23 Sep

September 23, 2010

I get mail all the time from people who disagree with me about Scrappers, and if you look in the comments section you can see that they are usually well thought out and in the end I even tend to agree with most of what they have to say. So for the record: 

  • Yes, I do think the show is entertaining.
  • I do agree that all the scrappers are hardworking, even Darren, in his own slug-like way.
  • Noots, Sal, and the rest, are not bad people. (Though I confess, I get a laugh out of calling him “Noots.” What is his real last name? Nootsbaum?)
  • I take the show a bit differently than others because it is shot in my neighborhood.

Where we disagree is that I think that the producers at Spike TV do their best to make them look like wannabe mafia members, with stereotypical music and descriptions. I think the producers at Spike TV generally only show jobs where the scrappers look silly or make no money. How many times have we seen Dino and Mimmo lose money after a whole day of work? I think the producers at Spike TV intentionally create situations that have no basis in reality. Remember the episode where Dino and Mimmo picked up the old lady and took her to the hospital? That van is in no way safe for an old woman and, if during the course of filming a television show for Spike TV, she got injured, Dino, Mimmo, and the producers at Spike TV would be on the hook for a big lawsuit. In reality that would never be allowed. And at what point on screen did you see the woman sign a release for her image to be used on television? I think the producers at Spike TV do their best to make these guys look stupid (two episodes (!) ended with someone complaining about how much his genitals hurt) and in the process make the whole area look bad.

Or do you think that the video of Darren singing was made to get him a shot on American Idol? That was on the official Spike TV website! Of course they are making fun of him!

So I wasn’t too surprised when I received this unusually cogent and insightful email from a Mr. John G., whose last name I will only identify by an initial:

First of all I don’t think these guys look like jerks at all in fact to me they look like guys with their own reality show and a great one at that, so let me guess you will watch everyone of the episodes and hate on all of them and that is because you are just another hater.

Thanks John. Let me take this run-on sentence point by point.

I don’t think these guys look like jerks at all in fact to me they look like guys with their own reality show

If they don’t look like jerks to you, that’s fine. The ratings are good so obviously there are many people who agree with you. As for your cogent rebuttal that “they look like guys with their own reality show,” well, I take off my hat to you sir. I have no reply. You really got me there.

let me guess you will watch everyone of the episodes and hate on all of them

As you frequently read my blog, you know that I commented, either in general or specifically, on about 90% of the episodes. Did I “hate on” all of them? I think that I pointed out what I thought were the worst parts of each episode. You never saw me take a cheap shot at the scrapper’s girlfriends or call anyone a “hater,” for example, or point out that if a paragraph begins with “first of all” there should also be a “secondly.”

because you are just another hater.

No, it is because Scrappers blogs bring traffic to my website.

While I was still recovering my dignity from Mr. G. forcing me to concede that “ they look like guys with their own reality show,” Mr. G. wrote in again with another attack worthy of H. L. Mencken:

where is your show you clown your blog sucks

Again, Mr, G., you’ve bested me. You force me to concede that, sadly, I have no show.

At any rate, Scrappers is done for the season, and it ended on a high note. Darren got married (in a church I pass almost everyday), Noots got his scrap yard in Coney Island, Sal is still working hard.

So Mr. G., relax, put down your remote and attend some English classes, because this will be my last Scrappers blog.

Until next season.


13 Responses to “Scrappers Mail: Letters from people who love Scrappers and hate me.”

  1. RetroJim September 23, 2010 at 2:36 pm #

    Interesting timing on this one. I was just dealing with some similar crap myself, and stopped by here for some jocularity, only to see you dealing with it to. Don’t you love the internet?

    Everybody knows you’re secretly being paid to blog about Scrappers and American Choppers to help drum up interest.* Just admit it, you’re a Spike TV shill! WE DEMAND THE TRUTH!

    *that’s not true


    • bmj2k September 23, 2010 at 3:10 pm #

      “You can’t handle the truth!”

      (And no, I’m not quoting Jack Nicholson. I’m quoting George Costanza quoting Jack Nicholson from the marine biologist episode.)

      I’ve got no problem with anyone who disagrees with me. I don’t get much critical mail, but when I do I tend to approve it and publish it with the other comments. The only mail I don’t publish is spam. I respond to just about everyone in the manner they write to me, which is usually friendly. Luckily, I almost never get stupid “you suck” type mail, but it happens from time to time. In this case, stupid as the letter was, he echoed a point I tend to get about Scrappers, and maybe I never made it explicit before, so I took this chance to explain that my beef is really with Spike TV, not the guys. The rest of his letter was so dumb I thought I’d have some fun and let everybody read it.

      I can’t imagine anyone giving you a hassle with your site, especially with what you provide FOR FREE!


  2. RetroJim September 23, 2010 at 4:56 pm #

    There’s nothing wrong with a good disagreement as long as folks stay civil, which can be hard to do at times apparently.

    As far as responding to email in the same manner as what was sent, the last time I did that I was told my public relations skills were disappointing. If the bastard only knew! 🙂

    And yes, with Relic Radio I don’t get the hassles. I just don’t know how to say “If you don’t like it, don’t listen” without sounding like a jerk.


  3. Allen Keyes September 23, 2010 at 9:29 pm #

    where is your show you clown your blog sucks

    >>> Proposed shows for Mr. Blog:

    “Mr. Blog’s Hot and Steamy Ride” (on the Nudie Network)

    “Mr. Blog’s Flaming Ride” (For LOGO)

    “El Rido del Senor Blog No Es Muy Rapido” (Univision)

    “Everybody Loves Raymond and Mr. Blog” (Nik at Nite)


  4. Allen Keyes September 23, 2010 at 9:34 pm #

    Until next season.

    >>> Scrappers 2…………….ELECTRIC BOOGALOO!


  5. gorgeous September 24, 2010 at 12:30 am #

    Ok… You really sound so annoying! Why do you continue to nag about other people’s lives.. cause you don’t have one? awwww..Seriously though did you re-read what you just wrote? You sound like a moron! and you make fun of people’s education? ha! pathetic… Hater? ummm…yeah but also a loser! You’re saying you think Spike is doing certain things to portray these guys.. that wouldn’t even scrap your azzzzz if you paid hahahaha… Your damn right Scrappers is an original idea meant to make you laugh all night long so stop analyzing it and get a job! and I bet the Scrapper ladies would smack you and you’d probably cry!


    • bmj2k September 24, 2010 at 12:36 am #

      Thanks gorgeous. Do you mid if I use “that wouldn’t even scrap your azzzzz if you paid hahahaha…”? Because that is the type of insightful writing my blog is missing.


  6. Go away! September 24, 2010 at 3:14 pm #

    You’re blog is missing a delete button.. get rid of this garbage!


  7. Love Scrappers! September 24, 2010 at 3:18 pm #

    Best show on TV!!! and it’s sooooo funny….who ever thought of reality comedy is a genius!!!! and who ever doesn’t like it is jealous!!!!!! I love Scrappers!!!!!!


  8. Go Away! September 24, 2010 at 3:20 pm #

    Should I say it nicer so you post it… I think your blog is pure garbage… I’m so sorry but you should have a delete button so we can get rid of it… please post me and don’t be a liar claiming you post everything!!!! ha!


    • bmj2k September 24, 2010 at 6:30 pm #

      I post pretty much everything except comments that are just curses or insults. As for a delete button so you can get rid of my blog, I think once you figure out how your web browser works that won’t be a problem for you.


    • JRD Skinner September 27, 2010 at 5:27 pm #

      Wait, go away… from… his own.. site?

      I… what?


      • bmj2k September 27, 2010 at 5:42 pm #

        I can use a vacation.


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