Writer’s Block #5: I Love Wednesday

5 Sep

September 5, 2013

Writer’s block. Author’s bane. Shakespeare’s hob. Fifty shades of I don’t know. Whatever you call it, writer’s block sucks. So once again I turn to the list of oddball writer’s prompts used by “colleges and universities” around the country. Today’s prompt comes from The University of Chicago, from 2002: How do you feel about Wednesday?

How Do I Feel About Wednesday?

Ahh, Wednesday, named after the god Woden, goddess of my heart. Center of the week, center of my life. I love Wednesday. And why not? She is smart and beautiful, lovely and luscious, the woman of my dreams, my soul mate.

wednesday addams2

Now I admit that Wednesday Addams may be a bit young for me, but I think we have a connection, a bond, a mutual psychic link. And Gomez would make the perfect father-in-law.


I can only hope that Wednesday and I have a long and happy life. We are made for each other.

How do I feel about Wednesday?

I feel love.

My Beautiful Wednesday!

My Beautiful Wednesday!


One Response to “Writer’s Block #5: I Love Wednesday”

  1. T E Stazyk September 5, 2013 at 1:25 am #

    Now that was a great show. Even the Raul Julia movie wasn’t too bad.


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