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NYC Chili Cook-Off

27 Apr

April 27, 2014


I spent the day at the New York City Chili Cook-Off at Historic Richmondtown on Staten Island. It was a great day, with 25 teams producing some of the greatest chili I ever tasted.


At entry, we were given a tasting kit, consisting of a small cup and a spoon. You could get as many samples as you want, from as many places as you want. It was fantastic. Plus, it was on the grounds of old Richmondtown, a historic site, so you could see all the old buildings. There was music, and one of the best booths I have ever seen, a great soda stand with old-fashioned tin cups and unlimited gourmet soda. OK, this one stand was not free, but since there was so much spicy chili, the unlimited refills paid for the price of the soda. Miss Staten Island was there, and so were tons of families. I wouldn’t have expected this to be such a family event, but there were tons of kids running around. The weather was warm and sunny, the chili delicious, and the day was fun.

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