The Unhappy People (Archives a2 and a3)

9 Apr

April 9, 2013

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I don’t have dates for these two artifacts but they both date back to the late 20th Century, approximately the mid-1990’s.

The first is a picture of a school teacher who had unfortunately been shot while in school.


The caption reads “Tried to stop fight: Teacher Robert Anderson was shot when he tried to intervene.”

In my past as a teacher, I had a rep as a fightbreaker. Luckily none of my combatants had weapons. But here is the thing. While there is nothing funny about the story, that picture cracks me up. When was it taken? It has to be from before he was shot, but look at his face. I like to believe- no, I want to believe- that the picture was taken at the EXACT moment he was shot. That image was captured just as the bullet entered his gut. Am I cruel? Am I being mean? I hope not but look at him, he looks like he was just shot and he’s about to let out a groan.

Dumpy Family

Don’t they look happy? You’d think they just won the lottery or something, they are so overjoyed.

Well let me tell you what really happened.

They won the lottery.

Don’t they look happy?

(And the father looks like Hitler.)

One Response to “The Unhappy People (Archives a2 and a3)”

  1. allenkeyes April 9, 2013 at 10:57 pm #

    It takes a rare man to pull that kind of stache off. That makes his passing all the more tragic. There’s very few of us left. When Rollie Fingers goes the club will be disbanded.


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