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The Celebrity Apprentice: Week Twelve

6 May

May 6, 2012

Dayana was fired last week. Five are left, but by the end of the show there will be only three. Trump is firing two tonight. My guesses? Arsenio and Teresa are sent packing, leaving Clay, Aubrey, and Lisa in the final three.

THE TASK: Create a print ad for Elle Magazine
THE PROJECT MANAGERS: Teresa with Arsenio and Aubrey, Lisa with Clay.

There is a product in mind but the guy in charge had a thick accent and I missed it. I’ll go back later. (It is Chi, a hairdryer.) Anyway, when Teresa said she was PM you should have seen the look on Lisa’s face. She was a shark smelling blood in the water.

“As usual I had a million ideas.” Aubrey, and I can’t complain about that since I like her idea “be at peace with your hair.”

Teresa is not a negotiator. The teams had to pick from the same models and Teresa sat down with Lisa and told her straight out who her picks were. That left Lisa free to rook her any way she wanted. Lisa and Clay were not wedded to any of the models but once Lisa knew who Teresa wanted she was free to screw her out of them.

Clay, meanwhile, was not effective alone. He needed Lisa to make a lot of decisions. On the other side, the PM, Teresa, was not effective either. But hey, cut her some slack, she was stuck with Aubrey who managed to put herself in the ad too.

Around the 9:40 mark, Aubrey made a lot of cameramen and editors very happy by sitting around topless for a while. And from the look on her face, she knew just what she was doing. (Sorry dudes, it was pixellated.)

“I just look so good as a hair model! It’s undeniable! Hellloo!”

Train wreck time! Teresa read- and read BADLY- off cards during her presentation. She stumbled, she misspoke, she appeared illiterate. If they lose, SHE HAS TO GO. But other than Teresa, the ad campaign was really good. Arsenio and Aubrey read from cards as well, but not nearly as obviously or poorly as Teresa. Aubrey: “I saved the day.” Yeah, whatever.

I liked the visuals for Clay’s team, but the ads were way too wordy. Lisa: “If Teresa wins over me it is time to hang it up.”

I googled Chi hairdryer and this came up. Here is a gratuitous picture of Jennifer Aniston. Does she use the Chi? Beats me but probably not.

9:56. Boardroom time, and earlier than usual.

Trump to Lisa: Should Teresa be in the final two “No!”
Trump to Aubrey: Who would be better in the finals, Lisa or Teresa? No answer.

THE WINNER: Lisa and Clay. Remember I said Teresa and Arsenio would get fired? I think Teresa is about to get the heave-ho. Meanwhile, it is 10:15 so it is clear Trump has something coming up after the boardroom.

Teresa, who should be fired? “Arsenio. He played it safe.”
Arsenio: “No I didn’t. I did some things our project manager was incapable of doing… I don’t think she is even qualified to evaluate my work.” And better: “Don’t throw me under the bus or I’ll back it up and hit you with it.” He stayed calm but went at Teresa hard. All Teresa could do was say “Aubrey, what do you think?” She looked really bad in the boardroom. “I’m into photography. I like to look at pictures.”

And so, Teresa, you’re fired.

And I am so far batting 1.000.

Clay. Lisa. Aubrey. Arsenio. And one more to be fired tonight.

The phone rang and Trump brought everyone back to the boardroom. He told then that they would be interviewed by John rich and Marlee Matlin, last year’s final two, and not one, but TWO will be fired. So THREE will be gone this week. So there really was a twist for the viewers.

The final four sat with John and sat with Marlee and they reported back to Trump.
Aubrey: Too green. Tried to play John Rich.
Clay: Is he a leader or a follower? Played it safe.
Arsenio: Has charisma but an out of control side.
Lisa: She talks a lot. Comes on strong.

So who are your final two?

Congratulations to ??? TO BE CONTINUED! So ok, it was only two fired this week.

NEXT WEEK: One gets fired and the final two go head to head.

The Celebrity Apprentice: Week Eleven

29 Apr

April 29, 2012

Penn was fired last week, and as far as I am concerned it was long overdue.  Of the remaining six, Clay is my pick to win it all. Dayana and Teresa are the classic examples of just sliding along by not standing out. 

The show began with some gloating by Aubrey, of course. You know that helicopter Trump gets out of on the show opening? I’d love to see him land it on Aubrey’s head. BTW- I won’t repeat what Aubrey said about her charity because it is a worthy cause and I do not want to appear to belittle it, but it was total self-serving bullshit. COMPLETE and OBVIOUS bullshit. Especially the comment about what she has on her bedroom wall.

THE TASK: Write and produce a 90 second jingle for Good Sam’s roadside service
THE PROJECT MANAGERS: Dayana with Clay and Lisa, Arsenio with Aubrey and Teresa.

This should have been Clay’s task all the way but he was PM last week. Dayana is not, shall we say, musically inclined. And it was funny when Trump forgot that Aubrey was a singer. I feel (just a little) sorry for Teresa being stuck between Arsenio and Aubrey. Aubrey is already, at only 15 minutes into the show, being a jerk.

Aubrey’s I mean Arsenio’s team is doing a cheerleader theme. Dayana’s team is doing a sixties song, which Dayana does not like.

Dayana is out of her league. Clay knows the music, Lisa can do the jingle, Dayana can, um , stay out their way. Clay to Lisa: “I might kill Dayana.”

Meanwhile, Don Junior showed up and Aubrey talked crap about Arsenio to him and Don Jr. was taken aback. “I’ve never seen anything like that (complaining about the PM) without being in the boardroom or even knowing if you won or lost.” This will not help her.

Don Junior was lucky to also be present with the other team when Lisa threw a tantrum over Dayana’s comments. She called Dayana “a little bitch.” “You are out of line, as usual, again!” Lisa stalked out.

Don has had better days on this show.

Meanwhile, Arsenio keeps saying how he can’t believe how Aubrey has changed and become a team player. We’ve seen what she says when he is not around. He should not believe it.

So how were the performances? Clay’s old school jingle was, IMHO, too old-fashioned. Aubrey’s Arsenio’s was too aggressive and annoying. Of the two I think Dayana’s team won.

The Boardroom began at 10:20 with Trump trying to stir up trouble between Arsenio and Aubrey. They both took the high road.

When Lisa was asked who should be fired if they lose, she of course said Dayana. Then she lost no time attacking her. It started calmly but did not stay that way for very long. It might have backfired on her since the more calm Dayana stayed, the more it made her point about Lisa being an angry bully. And the fight went on for a very long time, over 20 minutes.

AND AUBREY, FOR SOME REASON, jumped into the fight and what did she say? How good she was. Then she defended Lisa. Why? Because she was out of the spotlight too long.

In the midst of the chaos, Trump asked Arsenio if he would like to trade Aubrey for Dayana. He said he’d prefer Aubrey. That tells you how little everyone thinks of Dayana because were I Arsenio I might have jumped at that.

THE WINNER: Arsenio/Aubrey/Teresa. Things look really bad for Dayana.

And it was all bad. “Dayana, you’re fired.”

NEXT WEEK: A photo shoot. and two people get fired.


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